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Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is a favorite time of year for my family. I love to find new craft ideas that we can do together. Here are some of the favorites that I have found. Thanks to for much of this inspiration. What are your favorite Halloween crafts?

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Hand Painted Halloween Canvas

I found this idea on Pinterest, but no link for directions. I figure it’s pretty easy to make just by the picture. Are you looking forward to creating new crafts for the house like this.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Q-Tip Skeleton Hand

Here is one of the many crafts that I love from Crafty Morning. Isn’t it cute? I think my son will get a kick out of making this one. You can check it out here.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Milk Jug Ghosts

This adorable Halloween craft comes from I Save A to Z. I really want to make this one this year. Can’t you just picture it lining your walkway?

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Fingerprint Bat Silhouette

This is another from Crafty Morning. Super cute! My daughter is really into bats this year.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Popsicle Stick Frankenstein

Isn’t this adorable? Yes another one from Crafty Morning. How does she find the time to do all these?

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Terrarium

This is such a unique idea. My son really wants to make one for his room. I assume they are using a black light to make it glow too. We may try this for our entry window this year. I found this at

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Wreath

My husband is always worried about wreaths scratching out door. This adorable, and soft wreath will fit the bill without making him crazy. I am heading to my craft store for supplies for this one this week. Find the details at

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Witch

Last, but not least, this witch plate is so cute and super easy to make. This is another one from Crafty Morning. I need to go to her house for crafting lessons. LOL!

Happy Crafting!

halloween crafts pinideas for outdoor fun.

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  1. Awesome ideas! Thanks for this awesome collection of easy Halloween ideas. Perfect for the kids. You are the best and appreciate your the great job.

  2. Jane says:

    These are great! I love that there are even some that perfect my 2-year-old. She’s just starting to understand Halloween, so it will be fun to do some festive crafting with her.

  3. Lauren says:

    Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing. Perfect for this rainy day 🙂

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