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Creating Holiday Memories with Joe Boxer from Kmart

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Creating Holiday Memories with Joe Boxer Pajamas

I’m Sharing our stories about Creating Holiday Memories thanks to sponsorship from Joe Boxer & Kmart.

My family LOVES hanging around in our pajamas. As a blogger, my PJs are often my “work clothes.” Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. Every year, we decorate the tree in our pajamas. My kids will often spend most of Christmas day in their pajamas as well. Each year, we create new holiday memories. Our holiday pajamas are always part of these special moments. Here are a few pajama photos from years past.

Creating Holiday Memories with Joe Boxer Pajamas

Whether you give them as gifts, or buy a pair for yourself, I think no holiday is truly complete without a new pair of pajamas. Joe Boxer has fun, whimsical products for the whole family. My daughter and I went over to Kmart to pick out some new pajamas to celebrate our holidays.

Creating Holiday Memories with Joe Boxer Pajamas

Over the weekend, we decorated the tree and read some Christmas stories in our new PJs. The Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart are so cozy and comfortable. Neither one of us wanted to take them off.

Creating Holiday Memories with Joe Boxer Pajamas

It was hard to choose my favorites. There were prints and patterns like snowmen, penguins, cupcakes and camouflage. Look at some of these adorable choices of Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart for women, men, boys and girls.

Creating Holiday Memories with Joe Boxer Pajamas

Joe Boxer at Kmart has a large assortment of styles like footed pajamas, hooded animal loungers, boxers, pajama pants, and fleece pajama pants (my personal favorite). I’ll be heading back to Kmart to buy a few more items for myself and my family.

To debut the holiday collection, Kmart is bringing its iconic Joe Boxer ads back for the holidays with not one, but TWO spots that spread a little humor during the season:

The first is video is a good giggle for the fellas in your life. Check out these “Jingle Bellies.” Too funny!

This next video gives a whole new meaning to “Santa Baby.” I wish I could dance like this! LOL!

Do your favorite holiday memories include time in your Pajamas? If not, I highly recommend you pick up some Joe Boxer pajamas at Kmart and give them a try. Cuddle with your family and enjoy the holidays! May they be safe, happy and healthy.

Creating Holiday Memories with Joe Boxer Pajamas


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Joe Boxer available at Kmart.

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  1. Kristin Goodson says:

    I love the variety of PJS they offer! I need to update my wardrobe with some Joe Boxer pjs.

  2. Rebekah says:

    I love the Joe Boxer pj bottoms you chose! The Kitties are adorable!

  3. Patty says:

    They are really cute pajamas. When we were little my mother always used to give us new PJ for Christmas.

  4. Cute PJs! I love lounging around the house in PJs as well.

  5. Holly S. says:

    Cuuuuuuuute PJs! I love fuzzy holiday pajamas and those are adorable!

  6. Cinny says:

    I used to love Joe Boxer and didn’t realize they had such adorable jam jams! I want your daughter’s set.

  7. katherine says:

    I literally just bought about 4 pairs of these pj’s for myself this year. So comfy!

  8. Laura Royal says:

    I’ve always loved their stuff…so cute and comfy.

  9. robin mcdowell says:

    I buy them for my family every year, they are so comfy

  10. Joy A says:

    I bought some last year for my BFF because they had feet in them and she has stage four ovarian cancer. It helped keep her warm.

  11. Rachel says:

    They look so comfy and colorful!

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