Healthy Christmas Treats

Healthy Christmas Treats

It’s that time of year when we all tend to splurge on treats that taste good on our lips, but are not so good for our hips. Consider adding a variety of healthy Christmas treats to your offerings. I love that these “recipes” are so easy you basically just need to look at the photo to figure out what to do. I also like that they only require a few ingredients for each.

Healthy Christmas Treats

These are just too cute NOT to make them. Just some easy slices of bananas, apples and grapes. Use raising for super healthy buttons and eyes or small carob or chocolate chips.

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These are super easy to make with a watermelon and a kitchen knife. If you want to get extra fancy, you can use cookie cutters to make other shapes too. Just be sure the melon is not too soft or the shapes will not turn out very well.

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My kids love this one. Thank goodness snap peas are a veggie they will actually eat. So easy to make alternative choices with green peppers, apple slices, etc.

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My girlfriend gave me this idea. I never thought to look for a tree cake pan to serve other items. Get creative with your fillings to make different colorful designs.

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I saw these on Pinterest and just thought they were the CUTEST! Use yogurt instead of whipped cream for your filling. My kids loved these with small scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt.

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Could this be any easier? I think not. My daughter thought this was the cutest thing when I gave it to her for a snack the other day.

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Well, this is as complex as it gets. Pita, pretzel, avocado hummus (or a greenish spread of your choice) and red peppers. Again, super festive, healthy and simple to make. I brought these to a neighborhood holiday party the other night.

Which one is our favorite Healthy Christmas Treat? Have an idea of your own? Let us know.


Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 20 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her goal is to inspire other moms and families to live happy and healthy lives.

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  1. Walker Thornton

    Cute food ideas! Sharing with my daughter-in-law as the little ones would love these!

  2. Carol Cassara

    When “healthy” + “treat” are in the same headline, you’ve got my attention! Very cute ideas!

  3. Patricia

    These are such creative ideas Jenn. I am going to share these with my adult children.

  4. These are such fantastic ideas. Wish I’d seen them sooner as I just threw a Sugar Palooza Christmas party last night. Whew.

  5. Katy Rose

    Love those pita trees and I totally pinned the strawberry santas a couple days ago. So cute and an easy perfect way to get kids eating healthy. Plus, they look like a lot of fun to make. – Katy

  6. melissa

    What cute idea! Those trees are adorable!

  7. Jenna Wood

    I love the strawberry Santas, they are so vibrant and adorable!

  8. Melanie S.

    My kids are pretty good about vegetables, but for some reason, I just can’t get them to eat snap peas. Maybe they’ll eat them if they look like a tree. 🙂

  9. Deborah Davis

    I love these healthy treats! This is just what I have been thinking about this month. Most people agonize over the possibility of gaining weight from overeating during the holiday season. Your healthy treats are a great solution and should be featured as part of every holiday feast, starting with mine.

  10. Ali

    Awesome healthy treat ideas and very fun too. I have been attempting to curb the treats over the holiday season which is tricky with holiday get togethers. These healthy snacks will be appealing to adults and kids I think.

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