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15 Healthy Easter Treats Your Kids Will Love

There are a ton of recipes out there for Easter cookies, homemade chocolate bunnies, and everything in between. If you want to give your family healthier options for the Easter holiday, it can be done! Here are a few of my favorite healthy Easter treats to enjoy this season with a better balance of sweetness and wholesome goodness.

15 Healthy Easter Treats Your Kids will Love

healthy easter treats pin

Healthy Easter Egg Treat
This is a super easy Easter treat to make with kids. They get to press out the dough and add fresh fruit to look like an egg.

White Chocolate Strawberry Bunnies
So these do include some white chocolate, but it’s a thin layer. Besides, they are too cute to pass up, aren’t they?

white chocolate covered strawberry

Egg Shaped Yogurt Pops
I love that this mom is making an effort to create something fun for her kids so they don’t feel like they are missing out on the fun of Easter, but still eating healthy. Way to go!

Healthy Bunny Treat Cups
Well, the carrots probably give away that this is a healthy Easter Treat, but my kids love this one. I made it last year.

healthy easter treats carrot cup

Granola Easter Eggs
This healthy Easter treat is best for older kids and adults. These DIY granola Easter eggs are festive, nutritious and delicious.

Bunny Hunt Snack Cups
This is an adorable idea to turn a child’s lunchbox into an Easter Treasure box with healthy goodies hidden within plastic eggs inside.

Paleo Marshmallow Peeps
Stay away from artificial color and sweeteners with these homemade marshmallow peeps. It’s a fun and easy Easter activity.

healthy easter treats paleo peeps

Bunny Fruit Platter
Get creative with fresh fruit and draw a bunny face or other cute Easter character.

Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizza
Another healthy Easter treat that is almost too cute to eat. Crust, veggie cream cheese and fresh veggies. YUM!

Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles
It’s unlikely that you’d guess these adorable popsicles were healthy. They nearly look like white chocolate, but with yogurt, fresh fruit and granola, they are a healthy easter treat in disguise.

healthy easter treats

Healthy Frozen Easter Treats
Another frozen treat with yogurt and fresh fruit. Get the kids to help plop the ingredients in the blender.

Easter Egg Strawberries
More mouth-watering strawberries serve as the base to this adorable and healthy Easter treat.

Spring Chick Fruit Cups
Another treat that is almost too cute to eat. Kids might light to play with these before they eat them.

Fruit cup chick is a healthy easter treat

Easter Nest Bagels
Such a creative way to make a treat that the kids will eat. Little bagels that look like colorful bird’s nests.

Crispy Rice Treat Eggs
These adorable rice treats fit inside colorful plastic Easter eggs


So, what do you think? Isn’t this list of Healthy Easter Treats adorable? I bet you didn’t know that getting the kids to eat a bit healthier during this candy-filled holiday could be so easy. Have another suggestion? Share in a comment.

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