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Healthy Habits Start at Home so Make Them Fun

products for healthy eating habits

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Babbleboxx. All opinions are 100% my own.

Healthy habits are so important to me. As a mom, I’ve always tried to instill the importance of good food choices in my kids, and I’ve done that by telling and showing them how to do it. I’ve always told my kids how important healthy eating and staying active are for their health, and I’ve shown them that through my own choices.

I work out, I (mostly) eat the right foods, and I encourage my children to do the same. It’s better for them now and better for their future. I do this by making healthy eating and physical activity fun and by supporting great programs like Action for Healthy Kids.

Action for Healthy Kids Promotes healthy Eating Habits

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) is a nonprofit organization that understands just how important it is to our children to learn healthy eating habits early.

By offering grant funding, support programs, online resources, and their parental ambassador network, AFHK aims to make an impact in underserved communities and schools where physical fitness and nutrition can often fall by the wayside.

This month is National Nutrition Month, and it’s perfect timing for AFHK’s new Tak Action for Healthy Kids campaign. Through this campaign, the organization encourages parents and caregivers to take 200,000 actions for healthier kids in 2020.

Photo credit: Action for Healthy Kids

As a mom who’s always stressed the value of health to my kids, this is near and dear to my heart, and I love that AFHK is making a difference.

In a national survey, 76% of parents told AFHK that they’d improved their own habits based on something their child told them about health and well-being – another reason that teaching kids about health and nutrition at school is so important.

You can help take action for your kids by joining the Take Action movement with AFHK. You can also win a healthy taste kit to help you create a fun, tasty nutrition education activity for students at your kid’s school, as well, Just Commit to Take Action for Healthy Kids by March 31st.

make Healthy Eating Habits Fun

Now you know how I help support healthy eating habits and physical fitness in communities. Let’s turn to how I make healthy eating fun for my family. Let’s face it, healthy eating can get boring.

I’ve found that if I switch it up with healthy snacks, the kids are more likely to make healthier decisions. In honor of National Nutrition Month, my family and I are trying a few new products that are both fun and healthy.

MadeGood Foods Granola Bars

Granola bars are a great way to encourage healthy eating habits in kids. They’re the perfect way to eat healthily but still get in that great sweetness that everyone loves.

MadeGood Foods has an awesome variety of nutritious snacks in a variety of flavors made with real fruit, the nutrients we need from veggies, and whole grains, and they’re free of all 8 major allergens. Here’s more info about two of our favorite flavors:

Healthy Habits Start at Home so Make Them Fun

Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars

MadeGood’s Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars are made with whole grains and contain oat bran which is believed to help lower LDL (bad cholesterol). They’re also slow-digesting so you stay fuller longer.

Sweet & Salty Granola Bars

Made with the perfect blend of sweet and salty that we all love, these granola bars are packed with the good stuff our bodies need as well as great flavor.

All MadeGood Foods granola bars are allergen and gluten-free, organic, vegan, and safe for school. In addition, they offer one serving of vegetables. They’re available at Target, Whole Foods, CVS, Kroger, and more. You can also buy them in bulk online at Amazon, Instacart, and Walmart.

Power Dressing from Healthy Choice

We also tried a few flavors of Healthy Choice Power Dressings. These vegetable-powered dressings are made with real veggies and contain no artificial flavors or soy ingredients. Another big bonus is that they’re only 45 calories or less per serving.

They also come in all the great flavors we love to pair with our salads like Creamy Ranch, Creamy Italian, Garden French, and Greener Goddess. My kids love to dip their carrot sticks in the Creamy Ranch flavor. I am in love with the Greener Goddess flavor on my salads.

Dessert Hummus from Tribe Hummus

Of course, healthy eating habits are easier to stick to if you have dessert. That’s why I’m a big fan of the Dessert Hummus from Tribe Hummus. All Tribe Dessert Hummus flavors have just 5g of sugar per serving and no artificial preservatives.

They’re also a great better-for-you dessert snack that can be enjoyed at any time of day. They’re free of all major allergens including dairy, non-GMO Project verified, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.

You can enjoy Dessert Hummus from Tribe Hummus in five great flavors.

Dark Chocolate Hummus

A protein-packed blend of chickpeas and cocoa, this works well as a dip with fruit or with snacks like pretzels and graham crackers. It’s also a great substitute for Nutella on toast or pancakes or as a healthier option in recipes like s’mores or as frosting for cakes.

Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus

Sea Salt Caramel Hummus

This sweet and salty combination of brown sugar and burnt caramel flavor goes great with apples, pretzels, and graham crackers.

Cake Batter Hummus

Who doesn’t love cake batter flavor? This birthday cake-flavored hummus is like eating straight cake batter. It’s perfect on waffles or with crepes OR with a spoon. Just spoon it out and enjoy.

Pea No-Nut Butter Hummus

Nutty tahini and coconut oil mixed with chickpeas give this hummus a peanut butter-like flavor without the nuts. It’s perfect on toast or as a dip with pretzels or fruit.

Vanilla Bean Hummus

Use this delicious vanilla-flavored hummus as a dip for fruit or snacks like pretzels or use it as a healthier alternative to frosting. Pro-tip: It’s a great topper for black bean brownies!w

Wondermelon Juice Cucumber Basil

Wondermelon is a juice company that specializes in juices that are good and good for you. All their juices are 100% organic, cold-pressed, and certified fair trade and kosher. That means that everyone can enjoy these delicious juices for both their taste and their health benefits.

Expertly blended with watermelon, lemon, apple, and cucumber juices, along with basil twist, this juice is refreshing and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. At only 80 calories in a full bottle, you can happily enjoy the great taste without any guilt!

Make healthy Eating Habits Easy with Shipt

While these product make healthy eating habits fun, Shipt makes healthy eating habits easy. Shipt is a membership-based grocery marketplace delivering fresh foods and household essentials.

The easy-to-use app and great service simplify your life and saves so much time. The service is now a wholly-owned Target subsidiary, and Target is coming to Shipt metros soon!

What I love about this service is the convenience. It’s the nation’s fastest-growing online grocery marketplace working with leading retailers and local stores to deliver groceries through a community of shoppers and a convenient app.

Shipt is rapidly expanded since its founding in 2014 and offers quality, personalized grocery delivery to tens of millions of homes across the USA. It makes healthy eating far more convenient and easy to stick to.

Strengthen Your Healthy Eating Habits as a Family

Healthy eating habits have been a staple of my family since the beginning, and that’s something I plan to continue for a lifetime. I hope that by making healthy eating habits fun for my kids, they’ll stick to them forever, as well. Through family meals and Shipt, I’m able to instill these healthy eating habits in my kids and make it something they love rather than dread. Join me and make healthy eating habits a part of your family dynamic, as well.

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    I absolutely adore MadeGood bars. When it comes to eating healthy habits, we incorporate only some of the best snacks and MadeGood is definitely one of them.

  6. Toni says:

    I totally agree! Healthy habits should start from parents. Thank you for these awesome tips.

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    Love this idea! We should start healthy habit. And to enjoy them we need a little bit of fun. Thanks for these tips!

  8. My kids love eating healthy. When my organic fruit and vegetable delivery arrived the other day, my twins were so excited to open the box. My daughter said “I don’t think it’s normal for kids to get this excited about fruits and veggies, but that’s OK.” And then my son begged me to cook some of the broccoli for dinner. πŸ™‚ Kids will definitely follow your example. Now if only I could get my husband to be excited about eating healthy.

  9. Monica Simpson says:

    I feel like healthy foods are becoming more exciting lately like with the creation of chocolate hummus. I love the shout out to Shipt! I am a Shipt shopper. It’s such a great service.

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    I’ve heard such great things about these bars! I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m hoping to really soon.

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