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Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Healthy Halloween Treats

It’s the time of year when kids are going to want a huge bag of candy. I certainly let my kids trick-or-treat, but I minimize the amount they are allowed to keep. They get to choose about 20 pieces to keep and we donate the rest to care packages for our US troops.

I also try to focus on making healthier Halloween treats. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. Since I’m not a big cook, I try to find ideas that don’t require a lot of work. The kids really enjoy helping to make these treats as well.

Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Bowls

healthy halloween treats

Are these not the CUTEST?? Thanks to Frugal Coupon Living for the inspiration for this one. My daughter is excited to make these with m.

Muddy Graveyard Mousse

Healthy Halloween Treats

I love it when I can hide healthy options in foods. Believe it or not, this recipe has avocado in it. Find the details at Hocus Pocus here

Apple Marshmallow Teeth

Healthy Halloween Treats

OK, this one has some mini marshmallows, but with apples and peanut butter, it is pretty healthy.

Banana Ghosts and Orange Pumpkins

Healthy Halloween Treats

This idea is super cute and super easy to make. Bananas w/chocolate cookie chip eyes and mouths. Mandarin orange slices with pieces of celery for stems.

Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks

Healthy Halloween Treats

These adorable broom cheese snacks would be great for a party. My kids love them!

Halloween Apple Cutouts

Healthy Halloween Treats

Replace boring sugar cookies with these crispy apple “cookies.” Substitute peanut butter or sunbutter for the caramel dip!

Do you have some healthy Halloween treats to share?

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