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March Healthy Living Blogging Challenge Day#1


I’m joining Janice of for her Health Living Blogging Challenge for the month of March. It fit’s in nicely with my #SelfControlMonth theme as well. Today’s prompt is “What brings happiness Into your life?


My family (and our new puppy) bring me the most happiness. One of the things I love most about being a mom is seeing life through the eyes of my children. They bring such happiness and joy to experiencing new things. Even our puppy brings happiness into my life as she tries to figure out the world around her. Who would think that getting licked in the face could bring so much joy, but for me it does.


In addition to family, these are the little things that bring me happiness these days:

  • A hot cup of tea in my favorite mug
  • Taking a daily walk with hubby and puppy
  • Hugs and “I Love You” from my kids at bedtime
  • Getting in my workout
  • Cuddling on the couch and watching a favorite show with my husband
  • Getting a paid campaign for my blog

So, that about sums it up for today. It’s been a busy one so I did not have a ton of time to reflect on this subject. I’ll be back Wednesday when our topic is sharing tips about fitting fitness into our lives.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Hugs and “I love you” at bedtime are the best! My kiddos are 1 and two. I can get a repeated “love you” from my 1yo, which melts my heart. The best lately has been unprompted, “love you Mom” from my 2yo! I nearly tear up each time!

    • My son and I have a little “code” for I Love You. He’s 11 so he’s a bit embarrassed sometimes. We just say “WoWoo” I love when he says “WoWooWoo” for Love You Too!

  2. What a cute dog and I love the pics of you and your family! Thanks for joining in!

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