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Healthy Meals for a Date Night Surprise

Healthy Meals by Lean Cuisine for Date Night at Home #shop #cbias


Lately, our busy lives have gotten in the way of having date nights in my household. Between soccer games, gymnastics, business trips, etc., my husband and I are often too tired to get out of the house on a weekend night. Not to mention, the cost of going out these days has gotten kind of ridiculous. How can a teenager ask for $15 an hour? YIKES! Anyway, after my husband was away for a long business trip, I decided to surprise him with a date night at home featuring “Honestly Good” healthy meals from Lean Cuisine.

Healthy Meals by Lean Cuisine for Date Night at Home #shop #cbias

Having a healthy meal that was easy to make in the microwave, gave us more time to spend together and less time with preparations and clean up for me. It was a win-win situation for sure. I will admit that I am also rather culinarily challenged so having these gourmet style frozen meals for our surprise date night was a real help for me. I am also focused on providing healthy meals for my family as much as possible, so I love that Lean Cuisine added these new choices to their offerings.

Healthy Meals by Lean Cuisine for Date Night at Home #shop #cbias

One of the things my husband and I really enjoy is watching movies. I decided to surprise him with a formal dinner setting in our living room so that we could curl up on the couch for some quality cuddle/movie time during our meal. I created a Date Night Menu with choices of the three Lean Cuisine meals I decided to purchase. They all sounded so good. I could use the descriptions right off the box for my menu.

Healthy Meals by Lean Cuisine for Date Night at Home #shop #cbias

My husband chose the Honey Citrus Chicken and I decided to try the Lemongrass Salmon. The meals were super easy to make and we were able to sit down and enjoy our date night in just 5 minutes. No only did the meals look delicious, they tasted great too. My husband commented on how his chicken was the best he had ever tasted in a frozen meal. I really enjoyed my salmon as well. The sauces and veggies were great accompaniment to the main protein.

Healthy Meals by Lean Cuisine for Date Night at Home #shop #cbias

This was a delightful, economical and special way to spend a date night at home. If you would like to see more photos of my shopping experience and prep for my Surprise Date Night, check out my Google Plus album here.

Want to try the Honestly Good Healthy Meals from Lean Cuisine? Here is an online coupon for your next shopping trip. To keep up with more from Lean Cuisine, follow them on Facebook. Follow the Tweets on this fun campaign using the hashtag #EatHonestly and see what else is new from Nestle products on Twitter too.

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  1. What a great way to surprise your husband! #client

  2. Love this post! Perfect for a quick date night! YUM! Thanks for participating! #client

  3. Kristyn says:

    love the idea of date night at home and the meals look yummy!

  4. Rosey says:

    What a great idea to have a date night at home!

  5. Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen these yet. I’ll pass on the salmon, but your husband’s chicken looks delicious.

  6. Oh what a fun night! Seriously I love how you can have delicious food without sacrificing health nor have to spend all day in the kitchen. Really if you are going to have a romantic dinner, you need to use that time to prep yourself…not the food. lol.

  7. Bre Dale says:

    They look so delicious and home cooked.

  8. Definitely not a bad idea to break the monotony once in a while.The frozen foodstuff almost convinced me to change my view of the same…

  9. Ohh wow so romantic:) A Date Night is such a nice idea to reconnect!

  10. Jenna Wood says:

    I have been looking everywhere for these new Lean Cuisine meals, I will have to check the freezer section of my local Walmart. It is so important to make ‘us’ time like this, and having a healthy meal, without all the hard work is nice too!

  11. I tried these at blogher. They gave us a 2 hour presentation on their philosophy behind the preparation. I must say I love them and I love the thought that went into their development.

  12. I think this is wonderful! What an easy way to have plan and have an evening together without a ton of work going into the process. Hope you & hubby had a wonderful time!

  13. These look perfect for a date night! I always have trouble deciding what to serve and this takes all the guess out of it for me.

  14. Our anniversary is tomorrow so this will really come in handy

  15. That is so fantastic. First I never heard of the new type of meals, and I am excited to try them. But more than that, I can understand how hard it is to have a date night.

  16. Very romantic and affordable. Sounds great to me.

  17. How romantic! Great way to cut the prep time down so you can really spend time with each other.

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