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Being a Healthy Role Model for My Children

Being a healthy role model for my children

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The best way to teach children practically anything is show them an example. As a mom, I am a walking example to them every day of my life. I try my best to be a good role model for them especially when it comes to health and fitness. Here are some of the ways I teach my kids to be fit and healthy:

Practice What I Preach

It’s important that my words match my actions. If I talk the talk, I better walk the walk. Since I believe physical fitness and diet are important, I try my best to eat healthy and exercise, especially when they are with me. While I try to get us all to eat healthy, there are times when we are not likely getting all of the vitamins we need from our food alone.

Being a healthy role model for my children


I count on products like Airborne Everyday. Not only are these gummie vitamins delicious, but they provide a combination of a multivitamin with immune support all in one. It’s a great option for my entire family. We all take some right after breakfast.

Show Them It’s Fun

I try to show my kids that keeping fit and healthy is fun. Even if I’m feeling a bit sluggish, I try to fit in at least a brisk walk. I’ll ask the kids to come along or we’ll play active games together like freeze tag or kickball. I also try to offer a variety of healthy, delicious whole foods, that no one has to say no to. I’ll ask them to come shopping with me and pick the healthy foods they want to try.

Admit My Own Bad Habits

I am far from perfect. When my kids notice that I’m eating junk or not working out, I tell them that they are right and work on changing it. I’ll explain that I’m stressed or tired, but that it’s not an excuse to make unhealthy choices. I thank them for being my little fitness coaches and keeping me on track. The more they see me change my own bad habits, the more they will follow my lead.

Ask for Help

A good role model is not afraid to ask for help. Demonstrating my willingness to ask for help is a great way to show my kids that they should feel the same way. I was struggling with my fitness for a while so I enlisted the help of a trainer and a nutritionist. They appreciate that I asked them to be my coaches too. This way, I hope my kids can identify their own issues that they need help with.

Whether you want to be or not, you’re a role model for your children. Be the best you can be, while admitting your shortcomings and children will appreciate it.


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Tell us how you try to be a healthy role model for your kids. Don’t have kids? Share a diet or exercise tip of your own. 

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  1. Cynamon Yarborough says:

    Take my meds, eat healthy and take antibiotics as well. Drink plenty of fluids. ?

  2. Karen says:

    I try to be healthy for my daughter. I hope that my habits will rub off on her. She is five and sees all.

  3. Jenna Wood says:

    I always rely on Airborne, but I didn’t know they have gummies now- I will have to keep an eye out for them! I think it’s great you acknowledge that you aren’t perfect, that’s a great way to be an amazing role model for anyone!

  4. Patty says:

    We grow all of our own vegetables and are starting to grow our own fruits so we know where our food is coming from. Your kids are adorable.

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