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10 Healthy Valentine’s Treats Your Kids Will Love

Do you love getting festive with your family for the holidays?  I totally embrace holiday food traditions, whether that means baking Christmas cookies in December, putting together red, white, and blue desserts for July 4th, or making Valentine’s snacks in February!  These healthy Valentine’s treats are a bit more nutritious than traditional favorites, but are still super tasty.  And they embrace the spirit of the holiday with fun pink or red colors, or heart shapes!

Collage image of healthy valentines treats

10 Healthy Valentine’s Treats Your Kids Will Love

1. Heart Shaped Apple Peanut Butter Snacks from Veggies Save the Day

How stinkin’ cute are these little heart shaped apples?  They’re quite easy to make with some good quality metal cookie cutters.  If you’re making them for the classroom and can’t use peanut butter, you can always use sunflower seed butter instead.

Heart shaped apple bites

2. Sliced Strawberries with Chocolate Hummus from Recipes from a Pantry

Chocolate in hummus?!  Yes!  Your kiddos will love this fun homemade dip that comes together quickly with just a few easy ingredients.  Plus, all you mamas will love knowing that the kiddos are getting some added fiber and protein from the chickpeas.

Strawberries with chocolate hummus for a healthy valentines treat

3. Valentine’s Energy Ball Bears from Haute & Health Living

I cannot get over these adorable little bears!  These energy balls are made with just a few simple ingredients, like almonds, cashews, and dates.  It’s a great snack for kids because they’re packed with healthy fats.  Plus, what kiddo wouldn’t love to come home from school on Valentine’s Day to a few of these on their plate?

Valentines Energy Ball Bears

4. Heart Shaped Healthier Sugar Cookies from Sweet and Savoury Pursuits

These sugar cookies still have that perfect sweet, buttery taste – but are made slightly more nutritious thanks to the use of quinoa flour and whole wheat pastry flour.  This recipe is nut-free, so it’s a great one to bake up for a classroom party or a lunchtime treat.

Healthier heart shaped sugar cookies for valentine's day

5. Cranberry Pomegranate Smoothie from Comeback Momma

Why not start your kiddo’s Valentine’s Day off with a tasty smoothie for breakfast?  This bright pink smoothie is made using cranberries, pomegranate juice, banana, and Greek yogurt – so it’s packed with nutrients like potassium, calcium, and Vitamin C.

Cranberry pomegranate smoothie

6. Strawberry Lemonade Pop Tarts from Abbey’s Kitchen

I recently got an air fryer and can’t wait to break it out to try this tasty recipe!  These strawberry lemonade pop tarts are way healthier than the store bought version, made with a strawberry chia seed jam filling (instead of the added sugar filled kind from the store).  For Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking I’ll make these with the white glaze and pink sprinkles!  This is another recipe that doesn’t contain nuts, so it’d make a great one for a classroom party.

strawberry lemonade pop tarts

7. Heart Shaped Edible Cookie Dough Pops from Erin Palinkski Wade

This heart shaped pop is filled with edible cookie dough – made from a base of almond flour, maple syrup, and a little stevia.  No eggs or raw wheat flour in here means you can eat up that edible cookie dough safely!  (If you’re not sure about using stevia with the kiddos, you can use any sweetener of your choice).

Heart shaped edible cookie dough pops

8. Sweetheart Fruit Salad from Jenny Shea Rawn

Fruit salad gets a Valentine’s Day makeover when you use fruits all from rosy hues, like strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and cranberries.  Plus the little heart shaped dishes give it an extra special look!  What a perfect example of a healthy Valentine’s treat!

Sweetheart fruit salad for a healthy valentines dessert

9. Vegan Brownie Pizza from Chelsey Amer Nutrition

I love this healthier take on a frosted brownie!  This version is only lightly sweetened (way less sugar than most brownie recipes) and features a unique ingredient – avocado.  And it’s gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and egg free – making it a great choice for any food allergy families out there.  One note:  this does have a quarter cup of coffee in the ingredients as it helps add flavor, but if you’re worried about that for your kiddos, just use decaf!

Vegan brownie pizza

10. Heart Shaped Raspberry Yogurt Bites from The Domestic Dietitian

Many of you may be reading this list thinking “Homemade poptarts?  An entire brownie pizza?  I don’t have time for that!”  Don’t worry, I got ya with these heart shaped raspberry yogurt bites.  They’re made from two ingredients.  All you’ve gotta do is mix the two ingredients together, pop ‘em in silicone molds in the freezer, and boom, you’re done.

heart shaped raspberry yogurt bites

Share:  Do you have any other great healthy valentine’s treats to share?  Which of the snacks on this list would you like to try with your family?

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  1. Love all of these ideas — they’re all super fun for Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for sharing my no-bake energy bears!

  2. These are so fun and delicious looking! I have a preschool and kindergarten valentine’s day party coming up for my kids and am loving all these clever ideas.

  3. Fida says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing my healthier sugar cookie recipe with your readers. Looking forward to trying more delicious healthy treats and sharing them with my family.

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