Hog Island Wildlife in The Founder’s District

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Hog Island Wildlife Management Area in The Founder’s District is a can’t miss destination on your next trip to the area. Part of The Founder’s District which also features Historic Jamestowne, the Hog Island area is the perfect place for nature lovers to visit during their tour of the area as a whole.

The Founder’s District

Begin your trip at The Founder’s District, where you’ll explore the natural, cultural, and historical significance that connects each of the eight destinations in the District.

Comprised of eight locations, The Founder’s District is all about the history and culture of the area. Here, you’ll explore such places as Jamestown Island and Historic Jamestowne, the Colonial Parkway, Jamestown Settlement, and more. Each of these spots tells a different aspect of the story of the area, creating a tapestry of history, culture, and connection that draws you deeper and deeper into the story of this historic area.

On Jamestown Island at Historic Jamestowne, you’ll explore an actual archaeological dig at the site of the first permanent English settlement in America. You’ll also be able to explore the fully re-created site at Jamestown Settlement, which comes alive with immersive gallery exhibits and films, and historical interpreters in period attire demonstrating day-to-day activities of people in 17th century Virginia.

Visit Chippokes Plantation State Park to explore one of the oldest continually farmed plantations in the country. It’s just across the James River from Historic Jamestowne making it an excellent stop to couple with exploring the Jamestown Settlement museum.

For a dose of outdoor fun with your history, drive the scenic Colonial Parkway, which offers gorgeous views of the area along with biking, fishing, and more. There’s so much more to see in The Founder’s District, but what I really want to focus on today is the Hog Island Wildlife Management District.

Hog Island Wildlife Management Area

Named for the hogs that used to forage throughout the area in the 17th century, the Hog Island Wildlife Management Area is now a prime spot for those who love the great outdoors. The 3,908-acre wildlife area is made up of three distinct tracts – The Hog Island and Carlisle tracts located in Surry Country and the Stewart Tract in Isle of Wight County. When visiting this vast wilderness area, you’ll be treated to sightings of all manner of wildlife ranging from amphibians like toads, frogs, and salamanders to a variety of birds, bears, eagles, and more.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of a wide variety of hunting, fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities that give you the opportunity to explore nature, view the animals found there, and simply get back to the basics of enjoying the world in which we live.

Throughout your exploration of the area, you’ll be treated to views of vast open spaces, thick wilderness, winding creeks, and much more. It’s one of the most serene places to enjoy Mother Nature that you’ll find anywhere in the area.

people kayaking at hog island

Head to Hog Island Wildlife in The Founder’s District

Hog Island Wildlife Management Area should absolutely be one of your stops while visiting The Founder’s District. Be sure not to overlook all the other wonderful spots in the area. You truly should visit them all to get a complete picture of the history and culture of the area.

For more information visit The Founder’s District website, where you’ll learn about Hog Island, Historic Jamestowne, and all of the other areas that make the District such a rich area to visit.

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