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Home Exercise Equipment: Serius Strap Review & Giveaway

Home Exercise Equipment: Serius Strap Review

The Serius Strap: super easy to install, adjust and use.

This week, I had the pleasure to try The Serius Strap. Did you know that the most natural form of resistance training is using your own body weight against gravity? Suspension training is great to help improve strength, coordination, balance, and joint function.  All you need is your Serius Straps, your body weight and a door (or secure overhead anchor point) to get started.

Suspension training has become an incredibly popular form of exercise. You’ll find suspension trainers in nearly every training center, health club, and personal training practice. These trainers are also extremely popular with the military since they are so portable and easy to use.

Exercise equipment: serius strap

I’ve worked with other suspension trainers on the market. Most are double to even triple the price. On special for only $45 is a total bargain! I found the Serius Strap to be just as good, and even better in certain areas.  The package includes everything you need to get started: 2 straps, instructional poster and 45-minute instructional DVD. In addition to what is in the package, the company provides some great online videos to serve as an introduction as well as instructions for various exercises and workouts. Here is the introductory video:

Called, the “original” suspension trainer, it features an exclusive 180-degree rotating handle for correct arm position.  These handles give you the ability to correctly position your wrists in the optimal position to maximize your exercise, safety and comfort. I have a friend who was seriously injured with another suspension training and I suspect some of this was due to poor wrist alignment. Regarding proper wrist and arm position, the company notes the following:

Exercising with your wrists and arms in the correct position is not only smart-it’s safer!  The fitness industry stopped using the horizontal grip years ago, look at todays commercial weight machines, you’ll see a vertical grip (thumb up) or angled grip on all the machines other than those with a pulling motion like the row.  These positions allow you to easily stabilize and maintain your starting position from start to finish. Unnecessary mechanical stresses on the wrists, elbows and shoulders are minimized, if not eliminated.  For more information on the patented grip technology, click here.

I did not have real secure anchor point in my house, but my bathroom door did the trick. As you can see in the photo above, this is is an area where I have plenty of space in my hallway to workout. There are two separate straps. Each has a “bundle” sewn in to easily lock them into place over the door when you close it. I have yet to take these outside, but you could easily wrap them around a tree limb and loop through the clip to hold them in place.

I like that there are two separate straps. Some of the other suspension trainers have two handles attached to one strap. If you are only using one handle, the other handle can sort of get in the way. This is not the case with The Serius Strap. Each strap is made of ½ inch polethylen webbing and hardware that is rated for over 600 pounds “tensile strength” so I felt very secure.

Like other trainers, there are also foot cradles to secure one or both feet for leg and core exercises. Working the core in this way is one of my favorite things about suspension training.

In searching the web, I found some great reviews about the Serius Strap. On, it gets 4.5 stars and 4-5 stars on a number of other sites. Here is a great review I found:

My experience has been absolutely A+. This is a low cost alternative when compared to more branded items costing upward of $200. You can spend more but what will you get, more expensive straps with better marketing? Adjustable straps that hold your weight are just that, nothing more. What counts is what you do with them. There are lots of websites offering various exercises, choose what fits you and actually do them.

I really could not say it better myself. I completely agree that The Serius Strap provides a terrific product for a fraction of the price of other popular suspension trainers. My only complaint is that the handle cushions are not attached so they can fall off if you are not careful. I sometimes needed to rotate them to get the best grip. Perhaps that is why they are not attached, but that part is a bit bothersome. It’s also easy enough to just remove the pads, but then it is not as comfortable for my hands.

Overall, I give the Serius Strap 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a great product that I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for some great home exercise equipment. I think every home gym should have one. Have you tried suspension training? What do you think?

In addition to The Serius Strap, the parent company Railyard Fitness specializes in bringing fitness to every school. Railyard Fitness introduced the indoor, portable, Railyard Obstacle Course in September of 2007. The Course has recieved rave reviews from physical education, athletic conditioning, personal training and institutional fitness experts worldwide. Check them out at

Special Offer

The folks at Railyard Fitness are offering my readers a 15% discount on the Serius Strap (shop here). Simply use the code “Momma2013” for the discount. In addition, they have been nice enough to provide a giveaway Serius Strap. Cool! Enter below:

Disclaimer: I received a free Serius Strap for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.  

Serius Strap Giveaway

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  2. That looks like an awesome workout! I love all the different ways to use it!

  3. LauraOinAK says:

    These look fantastic and a possible solution for some of my regular workouts! I’ve tried using chairs to ‘hold’ resistance bands, but they just don’t work quite right. The sirius strap might let me work the target areas without anything bulky.

  4. This looks great because I have limited space to work out. Fantastic!

  5. Jadey Sam says:

    This looks promising! I would like to give this a try!

  6. Dang those are some serious straps! I have some old ones, but not sturdy enough to hold all my weight like those exercises you are showing. That is really cool.

  7. What a great workout! and you just reminded me that we actually have one of these somewhere… now to dig it up and put it to good use…

  8. Lena says:

    I wanna try these

  9. Dawn says:

    I had serious images of me forgetting to shut the door all the way, then yanking on those straps – then catastrophe. lol!

  10. Bre Dale says:

    Looks handy and easy to use

  11. mel says:

    Oh I so need to try this! How awesome!

  12. Jenna Wood says:

    I’d have to install this in the garage because we’d end up with sticky hands and feet all over the walls. Otherwise, I love that it’s a compact aerobic system for toning.

  13. Lorrie says:

    Oh, attended a class using this type of equipment and loved it!! Would be great for at home workouts!

  14. Kate says:

    These look like they would be great to use while traveling.

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