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How Well Do You Know Your Water?

testing your tap water

Ever wonder what is in the water in your home? We are a really active family, and a dog, so we go through a lot of water. I fill up sports bottles each day for my workouts and for my kid’s sports activities. I try to be eco-friendly so I use water from our tap or from the water filter on the refrigerator. This helps save money too as bottled water can get expensive.

While we use a ton of water, I don’t typically give a ton of thought about what’s in it. It tastes fine, so I figure it’s safe, right? Well, there can be a bunch of contaminants sneaking into the water supplies (check out the funny “technical terms” in the video above). I figured it couldn’t hurt to get to know my water in more detail. We live in an older home so there are likely still lead pipes somewhere in our system. There can be other stuff like bacteria, chlorine, pesticides and more. YUCK! I was almost afraid to find out.

testing your tap water

I was given a kit to test our home water. My kids and I had fun pretending to be lab scientists. With this kit, we were able to test for 23 water contaminants. Nearly all results were immediate, which helped give us a big sigh of relief as we quickly found out that our water was safe.

I hate bumbling with filtered pitchers, but filling sports bottles from our fridge filter takes forever! The folks at Pfister have introduced a new line of products featuring their Xtract™ technology. It’s a filtration system that is integrated into a stylish Pfister pull-down kitchen faucet. I totally want one!! The Clarify is already available and the Lita is coming soon. I think that one may be on my holiday wish list this year.

Xtract faucet

The high-flow dual filter system of Xtract delivers great-tasting filtered water and tap water from a single faucet. Filtered water is delivered two times faster than typical water filtration products and the filtration mode is integrated into the handle, eliminating the need for a filter pitcher or separate drinking water faucet.

The Clarify With Xtract™ 1-Handle, Pull- Down Kitchen Faucet is available exclusively at Home Depot in select stores and online.  Perhaps you want to add one to your holiday list too!

Get to know your water!

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  1. Jayne says:

    I finally invested in a Berkey last year because it elimates fluoride. It cost a small fortune but it was worth it.

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