Indoor Exercise for Kids

indoor exercise for kids
Think up creative games like foot volleyball.

Indoor Exercise For Kids

To make sure your family stays active when the cold and wet weather keeps them indoors, be creative and think of fun indoor exercises for kids. You don’t have to have a home gym or lots of space to exercise inside, children get most of their exercising from playing. Parents need to set an example to their kids on how to stay active. Show them how to have fun away from the TV and video games by having a dance off or playing hide n’ seek. Come up with new games together as a family.

The Benefits

Studies show that children who are active reap the following benefits compared to those who are less active:

  • More Energy
  • Confidence
  • Strong Immune System
  • Healthy Weight
  • Stronger Muscles, Joint, and Bones
  • Better Mood
  • Better Sleep

Giving children at least an hour of active play will help their bodies get a better night’s sleep. Kids who exercise are generally less stressed and have a happier demeanor because of the endorphins that are released while exercising. It gives them more energy and benefits the body and brain’s metabolism. These effects help them stay more focused in school. Kids who participate in sports gain more confidence because they feel a sense of accomplishment. They will also have a lower risk of injury because their joints, muscles and bones strengthen through exercise.

One of the most important benefits is a stronger immune system. Staying active and a healthy weight through diet and exercise will gives kids less of a chance from getting diabetes, allergies, catching colds, and being prone to diseases. Showing your children how to stay healthy and active now sets the stage for the rest of their life!


Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 20 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her goal is to inspire other moms and families to live happy and healthy lives.

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  1. Jenna Wood

    I often find it challenging to find active games for rainy days, thanks for the great tips. We use balloons as indoor balls a lot….

  2. Megan @mnmspecial

    I’m so glad the weather has cooled off so my kids can go out again. I think it is easy to forget the benifits sometimes.

  3. Krissy

    We play keep away with a balloon or small ball a lot at our house – lol – all the kids (and the grown ups for that matter) end up sweating it out! That’s our favorite exercise indoors!

  4. This looks like fun. The girls love balloons and we always have fun. Thank you for sharing…

  5. Kristyn

    foot volleyball sounds like a ton of fun for the kiddos!

  6. Amber Edwards

    My kids desperately need exercise every single day! I need to instill some of these indoor activities for my kids. especially for rainy days and when the snows come and shut us inside.

  7. Jade Samson

    That game looks fun! I try as much as I can to walk outside with my son to get him some sun and daily exercise.

  8. I love the balloon game! We will be trying that next rainy, cold, or just stir crazy day in the house

  9. Toni @Runninglovingliving

    Great post! Kids need activity and we need teach them how to stay healthy and active.

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