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Wordless Wednesday: Inspiration Wall Art

My friend Anne at Uppercase Living helps turn your home walls into a place for inspiration. Stop by her site to order or join her team.

Upper Case Living: Inspiration Art

Upper Case Living: Inspiration Art

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  1. Kristyn says:

    love these vinyl pieces i need to get some for my house~!

  2. I love these! They always make me think classic and simple.

  3. Dede says:

    That looks great right above the shelf.

  4. mel says:

    Oh I love all of them! The first is my favorite!

  5. I love the top wall vinyl! I would love to have that on my wall!

  6. Patty says:

    My sister in law has an Upper Case Living franchise(?)and I’ve gotten some great sayings for my walls

  7. Love these especially the first one.

  8. Michele says:

    I really need to just do it!

  9. Evelyn says:

    Oh, I just love it. I wish I was classy enough to come up with something like that, ha ha!

  10. Love these. Great quotes and the font choices are beautiful.

  11. I love that they can do so much on walls now a days. It’s so cool!

  12. Oh so inspirational! I made a bold step this morning and that second picture gives me more impetus to keep on keeping on. Thanks for hosting.

  13. Paula J says:

    The top one is my favorite too!
    Happy WW πŸ™‚

  14. Love those!! I will have to check her site out. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  15. Theresa says:

    How pretty! I always think wall words look so nice in a home!

  16. I love that top one πŸ™‚

    Have a fantastical week

  17. I love upper case, they really hit a home run with their concept. Thanks for hosting, Hope you can come visit today Oh My Heartsie Reviews WW” w/Linky
    Have a great day!!

  18. I just adore these and really need some wall inspiration in my office. I wonder if they post to Aus or have a local supplier?

    Happy WW, have a great week.

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