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J.Jill Compassion Fund Benefits Wellspring House

JJillHeaderI’m am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to serve as the social media hostess for a wonderful event sponsored by J.Jill. My specific event is in the North Shore area of Massachusetts, but J.Jill stores nationwide are participating in events to benefit the J.Jill Compassion Fund.

More about the J.Jill Compassion Fund

Founded in 2002, the J.Jill Compassion Fund is committed to providing support to community- based organizations that help disadvantaged and homeless women regain their independence through programs that focus on education, job skills and transitional and affordable housing. The J.Jill Compassion Fund is dedicated to supporting women in need and the local organizations that help them to become self-sufficient. The J.Jill Compassion Fund has donated more than $6 million to over 60 organizations across the country.

For the event I am helping to host, the local J.Jill is collecting gently warn clothes to benefit Wellspring House.

More about Wellspring House

Since 1981, Wellspring House has been helping families and individuals on Cape Ann and the North Shore move out of poverty and live more fulfilling lives through the work of providing HOMES, JOBS and EDUCATION.

The journey out of poverty requires education and jobs that provide a living wage.  Wellspring House offers education and job training opportunities through curriculums that are designed to make sure that adult students can access information in different learning styles, and respectful of the adult learner. We help our students become creative, reflective learners capable of taking charge of their lives and learning. 

For more information on my local event, check out the event Facebook Page. Even if you cannot attend the event, please consider donating to J.Jill’s Compassion Fund and/or Wellspring House. They both do such wonderful work.

I’ll be sharing highlights of the event via the #JJillStyleParty and #JJillCompassion hashtags to keep an eye out. There will be other bloggers sharing their local events using these hashtags too. Please give and spread the word about this great cause.

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  1. Jade says:

    This is awesome! Lots of people could definitely use this.

  2. I love the idea of donating my used clothing to go to such worthy causes. I have been using Fashion Project.

  3. This sounds like such a fun event and for a great cause. Is there a list of other events across the country/?

    • Jenn says:

      Here is the link to search for participating stores near you. I’m not sure if all are hosting a formal event, but they are collecting gently warn clothing.

  4. Liz says:

    I didn’t know J. Jill had this – sounds like a great fund.

  5. What a great org. and so needed for lots of women and I’m so glad there is someone that sees the need and willing to help.

  6. What a wonderful cause! There are so many people out there that could use some help like this.

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