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J.Jill’s Charity Work Outfits Women For Success

J.Jill donates to local charity throughout their Compassion Fund

J.Jill’s Charity Work Outfits Women For Success

Sometimes how you look on the outside really does affect how you feel on the inside. The folks at J.Jill know this is especially important for women face financial challenges. Each year, J.Jill uses their Compassion Fund to partner with community-based organizations that help disadvantaged and homeless women become self sufficient. Now in it’s twelfth year, the J.Jill Compassion Fund has donated more that $6 million. During the month of October, they also collected gently used clothing to donate to these charities. In addition, J.Jill hosted styling parties to give women from these charities a day of pampering, fun, and new clothes.

J.Jill Charity Work Outfits Women for Success

A few weeks ago, I was honored to serve as the blogging hostess to one of these amazing style parties. Our function served to benefit a group of women from Wellspring House in Northern Massachusetts. The ladies we worked with are recent graduates of the Wellspring House Mediclerk program. This program is designed to provide the skills necessary to succeed in an administrative position in the healthcare field. The women were absolutely thrilled to have the chance to shop at J.Jill for new interview and work outfits

J.Jill Charity Work Outfits Women for Success

In addition to the free clothes, I arranged for a makeup artist, and a professional photographer to make the women feel even more special. I also had a chance to chat with some of the women to share their stories about their challenges and their experience with Wellspring House. Their stories are truly amazing. Names have been changed to protect the identities of the women. Photos do not correspond directly to any one photo. I feel truly honored to share their stories with you. I hope you find them as uplifting as I did. 

J.Jill Charity Work Outfits Women for Success

Working Mom Seeks a Change

Jane was working in retail and trying to juggle motherhood of her 16-month-old child when she found out she was pregnant again. “Finding out about the Wellspring House program was perfect timing,” she said. “I really need a steady job with more structure and benefits.” Jane lives at home because she cannot afford a place of her own. Her boyfriend is in the same situation. They are both looking forward to starting a new life together where they can afford to have a home of their own. “It is so nice to feel pampered and cared for. Thank you so much.”

J.Jill Charity Work Outfits Women for Success

Loving Mother of 5 Rebounds from Financial Hardship

Sally, a loving mother of 5, was stuck in an abusive relationship. Circumstances left her without a job, and living in her car. She she saw a flyer about the Wellspring House Mediclerk training program at a local career counseling office. Sally knew this was the type of program she needed to make a change in her life. After completing the course, she was offered a wonderful new job at a local hospital. “Finding the Wellspring House program was a Godsend.” Sally currently rents a room and is working on getting her own apartment.

About the J.Jill Party, Sally said, “Now I can go out into the world in style. It’s just too bad I can’t bring my stylist with me. He was amazing! This day was so much fun. I am so thankful.”

J.Jill Charity Work Outfits Women for Success

Breast Cancer Survivor Finds New Hope

Maria, a breast cancer survivor, found it very challenging to find a steady job after taking time away from the workforce to get well. She found herself stuck doing manual labor jobs that did not provide steady hours and left her body aching each night. She really wanted a change, but could not seem to get her foot in the door for a better job.

Maria heard about Wellspring House from a friend and decided to check it out. After completing the program and internship, Maria had wonderful news. “I was offered a position only 15 minutes after I left my job interview. I am so grateful for Wellspring House.” 

J.Jill Charity Work Outfits Women for Success

Domestic Violence Won’t Stop Me!

Kathy left home with her 2 year old son to get away from a domestic violence situation. She found a shelter to take them in and applied to the Mediclerk program. She knew she had to make a significant and positive change in her life for both her and her son.

Kathy had nothing but rave reviews for the people at Wellspring House. She was so impressed by the personal care the program coordinator took to really get to know all of the participants. Regarding the J.jill party, Kathy said, “I have been wearing the same pants for 2 years. Having new clothes is so amazing. I have never had anyone be so nice to me.” I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. 

Please Consider a Donation

I applaud J.Jill for their amazing contributions with Wellspring House and similar organizations around the country. To donate to either of these worthy causes please visit J.Jill Compassion Fund and Wellspring House. This is a great time to donate for those tax write offs too. Wink wink! 


A huge thank you to Cheryl Carroll of Mary Kay for donating her time to serve as our makeup artist. The women loved her work. If you need a Mary Kay rep, I highly recommend Cheryl. Thanks as well to Kristen Zanella for her wonderful photography coverage. This allowed me to really concentrate on hosting the event and chatting with these amazing women. The two of you helped make this event a fantastic success! 

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  1. Krista says:

    I love all those great outfits! I’m so glad that it is fall again! I was missing my scarfs!

  2. Rebekah says:

    These are such inspiring stories, and I am so glad these special women got a day of pampering thanks to J. Jill. They all look wonderful!

  3. What fabulous stories and it’s so great that a company is helping them during their times of need. When companies give back like this I’m more likely to shop from them knowing my money is going to good causes.

  4. Dede says:

    Wow, it’s great to see that J. Jill is really making a difference in the lives of these women. I’m interested to hear how these women will give back to their communities.

  5. Holly S. says:

    What an amazing program! These stories were so inspiring; I wish these ladies the best of luck!

  6. Patty says:

    What an amazing program. There is something about looking nice that really gives one a boost of confidence so the new clothes and makeup are really wonderful. I love the stories of hope and survival.

  7. katherine says:

    What an amazing event! I would have loved to have been there!

  8. Lena says:

    Such a great event and I love that such an impressive brand iix stepping up to help women that wouldn’t otherwise have this opportunity. And it is so awesome that you could help

  9. Wow! what an amazing experience for some lovely and deserving ladies! This is so touching and proves what a kind heart can do for others, it is even better that these ladies have such kind hearts of their own. Just touching!

  10. Jenna Wood says:

    Wow, what an inspiring group of persevering women, it’s so great J.Jill could help give them a day for themselves and to get outfitted for the journies ahead. I’ve heard a lot about Wellspring and they are definitely on my list to give back to. We are always donating each month and we like to shift causes throughout the year.

  11. Cinny says:

    I love seeing these women bounce back. What amazing stories and I’m so glad someone’s out there to help and support.

  12. Jen says:

    I had no idea J Jill did this! This is fabulous and the stories are so touching. Thank you for sharing!

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