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#Koss Fit Series Headphones #FitFluential

#Koss FitSeries Review #FitFluential

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Koss. All Opinions are my own.

Have you ever been frustrated by the way your headphones fit? As a woman, we are often stuck with headphones that were designed for men or a “one size fits all” approach. The Koss Fit Series headphones are made by women for women. The Koss female designers teamed up with Gold Medalist Dara Torres to create these terrific headphones.

Dara Torres is one of my idols. I love her drive and determination and the accomplishments she has made AFTER turning 40. At 45, I know that I have so much ahead of me when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals.

I was excited to try the Koss Fit Series headphones as part of the Fitfluential campaign. I have picky ears. Headphones are often uncomfortable for me after wearing them for just a short while. The fit clip styles tend to fit better, but regular earbuds typically don’t fit me well at all. I love that the Koss FitBuds come in three different sizes.

#Koss FitSeries Review #FitFluential

My daughter (who is 8) really liked the smallest size and the FitClips too. She has been listening to books on tape and really liked using my new FitClips.

As for me, I’ve been wearing the Koss FitBuds when walking our new puppy. She has been taking up most of my fitness time. I’ve had fun taking her for walks and runs in the snow too. I love that the Koss FitBuds easily fit under my hat. The sounds quality is great too as I walk to the beat of my favorite tunes.

#Koss #Fitfluential FitSeries Headphones Review

Either of the products from the Koss FitSeries would be great gift or stocking stuffer for the active women in your life. More product information:

FitBuds ($29.99*):
– 33% smaller (than any earbud Koss has ever created)
– Sweat resistant
– Three different sizes of ear cushions included for the perfect fit

FitClips ($29.99*):
– Do not fall out
– Sweat resistant
– Three different sizes of ear cushions included for the perfect fit

You can find the Koss FitSeries headphones at many major retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Walgreens, Kmart, and Sears. Retailers will promote at $19.99 this Holiday Season. 

To keep up with Koss on social media check them out on the following:

Twitter: @KossHeadphones
Instagram: @Koss

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  1. Arlinda says:

    I really like te clips. They don’t fall out when you’re active

  2. TriGirl says:

    I got the chance to review these as well and I definitely felt that Koss lived up to their promise!

  3. Marysa says:

    I need a pair of these! I just started working out at the Y and I would love a pair!

  4. Lena says:

    Love these – and the colors are pretty cool! I am sure my daughter would love these too!!

  5. I have smaller ears and find it difficult to find ear buds that fit properly. It looks like these would work quite well!

  6. Emily says:

    I can never get headphones to stay in so I might give these a try. It annoys me so much when they won’t stay put.

  7. Stefani says:

    I haven’t heard of this brand but they would make great stocking stuffers for my teens. They love listening to music while doing their dishes!

  8. I haven’t heard of this brand – I get headaches with my current buds. I”ll give em a try!

  9. Stevie says:

    Oh I always am looking for new headphones. These are cute!! And I love the clip around the ear!

  10. mel says:

    I need these headphones! They look awesome!!

  11. Tonia says:

    I like the clips. I would need those for my little ears.

  12. Jenna Wood says:

    I love the vibrant colors these Koss headphones come in, and the FitClips look so comfy!

  13. earbuds kill my ears! This is probably why. I am wearing ones that are too big for me. DUH! Thanks for letting us know about the Koss brand.

  14. This would be perfect for when I work out!

  15. Nicole says:

    My favorite headphones! They stay in place and the sound is great, too.

  16. hahaha. Love the dog pic especially.

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