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Let’s Get Stylish with Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

In my opinion part of making a “comeback” is making sure that I am not in the typical “mom” uniform of yoga pants everyday. To keep informed, I enjoy checking out fashion magazines as well as some great style and fashion bloggers around the web. Here are some of my favorite fashion trends for spring and summer.

Bermuda Shorts

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

I LOVE that this trend is back. Who needs short-shorts? Maybe those women on the Nair commercials and girls ages 21 and younger, but in my opinion we “women of a certain age” should NOT wear short shorts. I am loving bright colors and patterns for my bermuda shorts too.

Black and White

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

This is one of my favorite trends, that never really goes out of style. I love that back and white is so easy to dress up or down and always looks classic.

Bold Stripes

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

This trend does not necessarily flatter every body type, but you can also add bold stripes with accessories like bags, shoes, scarves, etc.

Lace and Crochet

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

I love this trend. Another one that you can dress up or down, but it tends to add a bit of class to any outfit.

Color Trends

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

According to, these are the color trends for 2013. As a woman who formerly wore WAY too much black, I am branching out and wearing more color. Give these a try too. What other trends do you love this year? Share them in a comment.


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Toni @Runninglovingliving

Monday 10th of June 2013

I am not very trendy, just buy what I like! Love everything you posted about!

Still Blonde after all these YEARS

Friday 7th of June 2013

I forgot to say: Thanks for linking up to the Verizon Voices Fashionista Style Hop. Hope you will come back again next Tuesday. DId you sign up for the reminders so we can remind you every Monday to post on Tuesday?

Sam Peri

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

I love those bold stripes! It is perfect for summer. Also, I love the color lemon zest and grayed jade. Thanks for sharing! :-D

Kristen B

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Love the black and white striped top. Bermuda shorts are very flattering on most body types, which is nice.


Tuesday 4th of June 2013

I love the colors and bold stripes! I love color :)

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