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Putting ME back on my to-do list with lucy activewear

This is for you with lucy activewear

lucyftcFall can be a really challenging season to make time for yourself. As busy moms, we often get bogged down by the crazy schedules of our entire family. My kids attend two different schools so I am juggling two different schedules each day. I am in the car at least 2 hours a day between drop off, pick up, sports practices, dance classes, grocery shopping and more. How on earth can I find time for myself? How can I put ME back on my to-do list?


The folks at lucy have challenged me to do just that… get ME back on my priority list.  I am determined to recommit to my health and fitness goals for the rest of the year. The stylish activewear from lucy helps me feel my best and makes it easy to go from grocery shopping to the gym without needing to change. I can find the strength to make things happen for ME and not just for my family.


Ready to go in my lucy Hatha Pant and Track Goddess Half Zip

Besides, being fit and active helps me keep up with my kids and their busy schedules. When I’m not active, I feel sluggish and sometimes a little cranky. Putting on my lucy workout clothes first thing in the morning ensures that I find time for fitness in my day. I’m not saying this is easy every day, but making time for me even a few days a week makes such a difference.

Yoga at home with my lucy Hatha Pant and Crossback Tank

Yoga at home with my lucy Hatha Pant and Crossback Tank

Are you letting yourself get lower and lower on your priority list? It is easy to do for so many mothers. An honest self-assessment is a good place to start.  Have you set some goals for yourself? Are you settling for  just “good enough” when you want more? Earlier in the year, I was just settling for “so-so.” Not anymore! My lucy activewear is giving me motivation to do more.

Making time for me in my home gym

Making time for me in my home gym

Whatever activity you choose, lucy wants you to look good and feel good. When you feel good, you go the extra mile to make things happen. I love that lucy makes workout clothes with my whole life in mind. Whether I’m taking a power walk with the dog or a yoga class, I look good and feel great.

It's easy to go from workout to running errands with adding this lucy Lotus Wrap

It’s easy to go from a workout to running errands by adding this lucy Lotus Wrap

Guess what? You can win more time for you with the lucy “This is for You” giveaway. What woman can’t use a little help – each week you can win your choice of a year of housecleaning, babysitting or meal delivery. One grand prize winner will receive all three. More “you time” to do the things you really love (like getting in your favorite workout). I selected babysitting if I win. My husband and I really need more date nights. What service would you choose if you won?

My lucy activewear collection definitely has some of my favorite exercise clothing. You can count on lucy for workout wear that provides style, versatility, and performance. Check out to shop online or find a retail location near you.

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  1. Wow! Lucy seems to make really great activewear. I love how they encourage you to focus on you.I have one suggestion. If your children are able to be picked up by the school bus, you might think about that. School buses are actually about a hundred times safer than driving them in your own car. Check that fact out. You will gain many hours for yourself and teach children a lot about socialization. Just an extra thought

  2. Lena says:

    Love the tank top and the cardigan – it is my ultimate weakness. It is so hard though to actually put yourself on the forefront again, because our heads are just to busy with all the other stuff

  3. Krista says:

    I need to remember “Me Time”. Between homeschooling and taking care of my family and the 3 kids I babysit it is hard to find time to myself!

  4. katherine says:

    You look so good is fitness wear! It looks crazy on me!

  5. Oh you sound so much like me, and I know how important putting myself on the priority list is, but it’s just so hard to actually do it! I love that wrap. What a perfect thing to throw over and look stylish even after a work out. Love it, super cute.

  6. I think we have a lucy store near where I live, actually. I’ve been there before, they have some cute stuff. Cute top here, also!

  7. By the way I LOVE the Lotus Wrap! I will check what other colors it comes in – I am a little too pale for the white but it is very stylish for active wear! Thanks!

  8. Patty says:

    You look amazing! I love how comfortable the clothes are and yet so very stylish at the same time. The lotus wrap is such a versatile piece.

  9. Jenna Wood says:

    I would definitely find my me time doing yoga- I’ve always wanted to learn more about Pilates though. I am not much on being active so I try to strengthen my core as much as possible. These clothes are gorgeous and look like they are comfortable no matter what the day brings.

  10. These items from lucy are both cute and functional! The hatha pant and crossback tank must be mine! Time to do some shopping :).

  11. I just do not know how you manage to do it all !! Impressed and inspired!

  12. I feel your pain! I love the Lucy apparel you wore! It’s so convenient too that have a Lotus Wrap to throw on – it looks great with workout clothes. I entered the giveaway!

    Thank you!

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