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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and everyone is looking for the perfect way to honor mom or their wonderful wife. When most think about Mother’s Day – or let me rephrase that, when moms think about Mother’s Day – they dream of relaxation or one day to not feel guilty about doing something for themselves.  Help them indulge in that with these DIY Mother’s Day gift basket ideas!

Disclosure:  This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  As an affiliate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases. It does not change your user experience in any way.

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Why DIY Gift Baskets Are Better Than Premade?

Assembling a DIY Mother’s Day gift basket takes time and effort. You have to know who you are buying for, what they enjoy, and purchase all the items in a timely fashion in order to be ready for the special occasion. Another reason the DIY basket idea is a better option is that it can be customized.

You may be thinking, Wow! That is a lot of work when I could just go grab one off the shelf. So yes, it is more work; but I can guarantee you that when that special lady of yours opens it, her first thought will be, “Oh my gosh, this is so thoughtful!”

Customization of the basket is a real attraction. How many times have you purchased some type of “set” where you really only wanted one or two items, but instead you paid full price to throw all but a couple of items away? I know I have! (This is especially true around Christmas time when big box stores have every gift set imaginable.)  Making it yourself really allows you to choose the best items for your mom this holiday.

9 Perfect DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Before I give you some of my favorite gift basket ideas, I want to let you know that if you are not a fan of in store shopping, this is written for you! Most or all of these items can be purchased from Amazon. We are huge Amazon Prime fans in our house because of the free shipping which makes Amazon super convenient. If you don’t have Prime, it is definitely worth checking into – we can’t imagine not having it.

1. Fitness Basket

This basket is perfect if mom is just getting back into the groove of things at the gym or if she has always had a passion for fitness. Many mamas these days are turning to fitness activities for their “me” time.

  • Gym bag:  Instead of using a traditional basket to put everything in, you can use a gym bag and fill it with the remaining gifts. I LOVE this gym bag. It has a shoe compartment, which helps keep your dirty shoes separate from the rest of your gear, and it also comes in a variety of colors.
  • Earbuds/earphones:  The perfect touch to a workout! They drown out the noise, can be relaxing, and make workouts more enjoyable. If your lucky lady has Apple products (iPhone, iPod, etc.) these Air Pods are a nice accessory. They charge in their cute little case and connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. They also stay snug in the ears compared to other models. If you are looking for something a little less expensive or some that are compatible with Androids, I highly recommend AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones.  They are perfect for the athlete (which is who they were designed for), sweatproof, and noise reducing. They are all in one piece, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out, because they rest snugly on the outside of the ear and are connected by a flexible headband. Aftershokz come in different colors and are compatible with many different devices.
  • At-home workout equipment: If mom prefers to workout at home, resistance bands and medicine balls are some of the simplest fitness accessories to use. These bands are inexpensive and ideal to include in a fitness gift basket.  The set comes with 5 bands in different strengths, and your mama also gets access to an e-book with tons of different exercises using the bands.  You can also grab a medicine ball for her basket either along with or in place of resistance bands!  These come in a variety of sizes, often around 4-20 pounds, and are great for anyone looking to tone up, do physical therapy, or engage in certain stretches.
  • Arm Band: This arm band phone pouch is amazing! It keeps your phone with you, but since the actual pouch goes up on your arm, all the cords are kept out of the way (if you are using corded headphones). You have the security of your phone without having to hold it, and that allows you to better track your workouts (if you have the correct apps installed on your device).
  • Running Belt:  If your lady carries more stuff with her, maybe the running belt would be a more suiting option than an arm band. These are especially great for athletes who might need to carry gels or shot blocks out on a long run – or even just your set of keys in addition to your phone. Another step up would be something like a Fuel Belt, which is like a running belt but also comes with water bottles on each side.
  • Fitness Tracker:  Fitness trackers have taken the world by storm recently, so why not jump on the wagon? This Fitbit Inspire is a simple tracker with all the essential basic features. It counts steps (and other daily activity), has a clock face, can be synced to the app using smartphones. If you want a more advanced fitness tracker there is the Versa. This would also be the closet fitness tracker you could get to the Apple Watch as far as similarity goes, without the hefty price tag. It does everything the Inspire does and more (extra features include storing and playing music, the fact that it can be used when swimming, etc.). It can also receive phone notifications (as long as the phone is nearby), such as calls, texts, and messages. Of course, women love accessories, so be a little extra and buy a couple of additional bands for the fitness tracker that can be used for different occasions.
  • Printable Workouts:  Scour Pinterest and you’re bound to find a ton of great workout ideas!  Print out a few to toss in the basket, like our treadmill HIIT workout!
  • Water Bottle:  No workout or fitness session is complete without a water bottle. Be sure to top off your basket with one of these.  My favorite kind during a workout are the ones with a spout. This eliminates the time of having to mess with a twist off cap (just something else to keep up with), and you don’t have to stop to drink if you are in the middle of cardio.

2. Relaxation Basket

We talked earlier about how moms need some R & R. So, this set of Mother’s Day gift basket ideas just screams to take a day off and just relax!

  • Essential Oil Diffuser: If you aren’t familiar with essential oils and diffusers you should definitely check them out. They are trendy right now, and for good reason – many people wonder if diffusing the oils might have some relaxation (and possibly even pain relief!) benefts. At the least, they’re likely a better source of smells than something like a plug-in air freshener.  The diffuser is what puts out the aroma of the oils – I find this one to very decorative and affordable.
  • Essential Oils: Don’t forget the oils! Most of the time they do not come with the diffuser and you’ll need to buy them separately. So, grab this little set which has all the scents for a relaxing and calming evening. The scents included are Jasmine, Citronella, Tangerine, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Orange, Rosemary, and Clove. For something extra to include with this, here is a chart that gives some properties and uses that would be good for reference.  You could print this out on some nice cardstock to put in the basket with your gifts!
  • Good Book:  To add to relaxation why not throw in a good book! Think about what your mama’s favorite kinds of reads are (fiction? non-fiction?) and scope out your local bookstore or Amazon for some good options. Right now, especially for women, I’m loving Girl, Stop Apologizing and Girl, Wash Your Face, both written by Rachel Hollis. These two reads are super empowering and goal crushing. Girl, Wash Your Face is so appropriate for Mother’s Day because she discusses the guilt that women often carry and how to get past it.
  • Candles:  One of my absolute favorite things to set a calming mood are candles. If you have never tried Woodwick candles, you are missing out! They are not the standard candle, they make this amazing noise that makes you feel like you are sitting fit beside a real fire. The best thing about it? No campfire smell, no ashes to clean, and to put it out you just slip the lid on it goes out!
  • Massage:  You could approach this in a few ways.  Hubbies, if you’re putting together this gift basket for your wife, you could offer up a homemade coupon for a massage from you.  You could also put in a gift certificate for a local spa to get a massage.  Or, add something like this massage chair pad to your basket!  I had one of these in the past and it was so amazing to use after a long day; it really helps relax those tense muscles and tired areas.

3. Spa Basket

EVERY mom loves to be pampered, but sometimes there is not enough time to actually leave the house or it costs a ton of money. This would be an excellent DIY Mother’s Day gift idea that would leave her feeling rejuvenated and beautiful!

  • Comfy robe:  Nothing gives more of a spa feeling than a white robe. If you have ever been to a fancy hotel or resort, that is what they always leave for guests. Putting on this robe will leave mom feeling like a queen of her own palace.
  • Spa slippers:  What would leave more of a spa feeling are slippers to match that comfy bath robe! So, snag a pair of these to top off the ensemble.
  • Face care products:  Facial care is becoming a hot ticket now, along with chemical peels and charcoal masks. This one comes highly recommended from a mom blogger than I follow. It is easy to use and fairly mess free. The mask is meant to be used sparingly, so perfect for moms that don’t want to follow a routine.
  • Scented Epsom Salts:  Now to set the mood, along with a long hot bath are some bath salts. These bring a whole new meaning to soaking in the tub. What a great stress reliever!
  • Mani/Pedi:  You can approach this by adding a gift certificate in for a mani/pedi – or providing your special mom with the tools for her to DIY at home!  A simple manicure kit can go a long way, and you can add this to the basket along with a pumice stone for exfoliating the professional way. The manicure kit is small enough to be portable which is also great for tossing in the purse or suitcase but has the bells and whistles that are used at a professional salon. I was going to leave this one out, but I can’t. I’m not sure if you have heard of salons using rocks for the massage portion of a pedicure. THEY ARE HEAVEN. They can even be warmed up, making the pedicure part irresistible.

4. Yoga Basket

Does the special lady in your life love fitness but really has a passion for yoga? That’s perfect, because I have dedicated a whole Mother’s Day gift basket idea to yoga, leaving mom with a total Zen feeling.

  • Yoga Mat: Yoga is much more comfortable when done on a mat – so be sure to grab one of these for your gift basket. There are tons of fun mat designs out there if you do some searching, so if you know your mom loves donuts – you can probably find a yoga mat with donuts printed on it, haha!
  • Bag:  This bag is great for throwing in a mat and water bottle. It is not too bulky, has a dedicated space for the mat and her water bottle, and it is stylish. If mom is running short on time and is in a hurry this is a great pick. What if she needs a little more space? And you need something to put all these great gifts in? Then I would definitely choose this bag. I really like the feature where you attach the mat on the outside and still have a whole section that closes up for more stuff.
  • Mat cleaner:  With those feet moving all around and the mat possibly going to group sessions, yoga mat cleaning spray is a genius idea. It can be used at home or kept in the bag for those days when you just need to get out of the house. And guess what? It’s organic. If she needs something a little more convenient, you can find cleaning wipes as well.
  • Yoga Coffee Mug:  Many mornings we are need coffee to get moving. This mug is the perfect complement for the yoga lover. Whether she’s just starting to get into yoga or has been a fan for a while, this mug is a great reminder of all the different poses.
  • Fitness Attire:  I have always heard people say you want to look the part, or when you look good you feel good. Whether it’s your first time going to a fitness class or you have been to a thousand times, you always FEEL better when you have the right attire. Here’s where those yoga pants and cute headbands come into play. As silly as it sounds, it’s always nice to have dedicated clothes to wear in certain events.

5. Gardening Basket

Does your mom or wife have a green thumb? I can’t seem to keep a small window plant alive, but I know some of you mamas out there have got crazy awesome gardens going in your yard. Here is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift basket idea that will be sure to raise the bar for all those gardening ladies.

  • Planter:  So, I am going to let the secret out early on this one and go ahead and tell you a trick of what you can put everything in. Drumroll please…. a PLANTER! How cute is that? It will hold everything, and she will have a fresh pot to start planting. Plus, if you have ever shopped garden centers, you know those things are not cheap! Here is a rustic, outdoorsy one. If you need something a little less rustic and more modern, you can try this one.
  • Gardening Gloves:  Next, get her some gardening gloves. It is so much nicer to not have to worry about getting so dirty when planting. Also, this will save her from potential spider and insect bites if she’s digging in their territory.
  • Gardening Tools:  Don’t forget these! A gardening project isn’t complete without a small shovel and hand rake. Some pruning shears would be nice too in order to keep everything from overgrowing.  If your mom has already been gardening for a while, maybe take a peek at what tools she’s already got to see if she needs anything new.
  • Watering can:  This little watering can is great for indoor and outdoor plants. It’s easy to carry and the size of it is compact enough to not be a nuisance when storing.
  • Seeds: My favorite part, because there’s endless variety here – from flowers to herbs to veggies and more! You can grab a variety of them online or at your local garden/home supply store. I would probably pick something that could be planted right away since Mother’s Day is when everyone starts getting Spring fever. But, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get something later on as well.
  • Container garden: Not to mention there is always the idea of getting a small container garden or an additional planter, which is perfect when you only have a small space that can be used.

6. Summer Basket

As fast as Mother’s Day is approaching us, summer will be here before we know it. This is one of my favorite Mother’s Day gift basket ideas. When I think about summer I think of being outside, having BBQs, going to the beach, and being around some type of water! So, let’s get mom ready to catch some rays.

  • Beach Towel:  No summer trip is complete without a beach towel. So, pick out her favorite color or design. Also, I found out about these round summer towels a while back with I think are super cool. Great for getting a tan or being able to lay it down for the kids.
  • Flip Flops:  Let mom show off her summer nail polish with a pair of these flip flops! To make them a little more personalized you could have them monogrammed by a local business or an Etsy shop.
  • Spikers Holders:  I think these spikers are a must have! How many times have you set your drink down on the beach to come back and find it full of sand? Not cool. The spiker is like a beach cup holder, getting it up off the ground, and perfect distance to reach while sitting in a low chair or on that towel we talked about.
  • Can Coooler:  Summer sure does bring warm temperatures making drinks that are left out hot, which leads to waste. So, throw in a can cooler to keep them drinkable. Again, this is another accessory that mom might not buy on her own – but would probably love to have.
  • Sunglasses:  If mom or your wife doesn’t have a dedicated pair of beach sunglasses, I really like these shades. I messed up one year and wore my “good” ones. Let’s just say after one day of the salt and sand they were demolished.  Having a few inexpensive pairs specifically for the beach is a great idea.
  • Waterproof Phone Pouches:  These waterproof pouches are terrific for taking the extra precaution of not ruining your phone. Plus, it will keep the sand and scratches off if you are headed to the coast.
  • Beach bag:  To top of this DIY basket, put all those goodies in this beach bag and ta-da! You have a finished gift that is easy to put together, thrifty, and totally functional!

7. Coffee Basket

Maybe mama is a coffee connoisseur, or she just loves it and her day doesn’t start until she has a cup…or two. The coffee lover basket would be paired great with some sweet treats or small snacks if you needed some more fillers or boutique style items.

8. Baking Basket

Most moms have experience in the baking world. If they don’t like doing it, they have still tried because kids love helping and eating those fresh baked cookies or cupcakes. Rather than just buying a boxed mix or throwing some utensils in a bag, spruce that idea up for the ultimate baking gift below!  (PS – Want a fun idea for assembling this?  Instead of a basket, you can either use a large mixing bowl, a galvanized tub (more of a farmhouse look), or a Bundt cake pan!)

  • Mixing Bowl:  Start out with a glass or stainless steel mixing bowl. These glass ones are large enough for most amounts of batter and have a small little spout to make baking as mess free as possible. Now we are going to fill that thing up!
  • Cupcake Holders:  Pick out some cupcake holders – you can either go for some cute standard paper ones, or invest in reusable silicon ones. Either set will work fine.
  • Spatulas:  Let’s face it, you can’t bake without spatulas.  I love these spatulas that come in different designs for an extra fun touch.
  • Cookie scoop:  You could also throw in this scoop, it works great for brownie bites and cookie dough.
  • Whisk:  It wouldn’t hurt to add in a whisk – I feel like somehow this is always the kitchen utensil that seems to go missing when I need it!  (Just me? 😉 )
  • Measuring cups and spoons:  I know every woman has at least two sets, but these are collapsible, excellent for saving space in that cluttered utensil drawer.
  • Cake Decorating Supplies:  Any time I bake where people will see goods I use this decorating kit. Even if you have no experience with decorating, the tips are super easy to use. You can attach them on these piping bags or use Ziploc bags from home.
  • Dish Towels:  Another practical touch would be some cute dish towels. Obviously, there will be a little bit of a mess to clean up afterward, and you can never have too many! Pick up some seasonal towels that could be used for decoration or some that fit her kitchen theme. Some common ones are farmhouse, chickens/roosters, wine and grapes, or western.
  • Parchment Paper or a Silicone Baking Mat:  Either one of these is a life savor for when you’re using a baking sheet – it ensures things don’t stick, and seems to help the bottoms from getting too browned.  You can find parchment paper at pretty much any major grocery store and of course you can also order it online.  For a reusable option, look into a silicone baking mat like this.  Bonus: most of the time I don’t even have to wash the pan when I’m finished, just the mat.

9. Travel Basket

Alright, the last of our Mother’s Day gift basket ideas!  If your mom or wife is anything like the ladies in my life, they are constantly on the go, all the time! This basket is awesome for the business mom who has to take work trips, or the retired mama who spends her days traveling. Don’t forget if there is a vacation coming up this would be practical as well.  (Or, hubbies – you could surprise her with a vacation – hint hint!)

  • Luggage Set:  Surprise her with a new luggage set. These are always nice to have even if you aren’t a frequent flyer. If it is a multi-set and she doesn’t always use all the pieces at one time, the kids could always take over one. For a brighter personality you could go with this one, plus at the airport it is brilliant. You won’t miss it coming around the luggage carousel.
  • Luggage Tags:  Here are some luggage tags you could add on to be sure no one takes it! When it comes to traveling with kids, this is great if they are supposed to be responsible for their own bag. Don’t forget sleepovers, overnight camps, or if you are traveling with a large group of people.
  • Packing Supplies:  A space saver in the luggage bags are the organizing sets or the vacuum seal bags. You can fit way more clothing items with these.
  • Neck Pillow:  Fly in style with this neck pillow. I always thought people who used these were just being extra, but when we flew across the country then had a 6-hour car ride; I will not go without one.
  • Travel Books:  If mom is traveling to a specific place or new country it would be amazing to learn about beforehand. Pick up a couple of books that talk about the culture and language to prepare. Plus, this can count for when she has some downtime to read or to pass time by while on the way.
  • Selfie Stick:  Yep, I’m going there, haha.  If the family is headed for vacation or if it’s just a new destination for work, she may want to take some pictures. Snatch a selfie stick. As silly as they may sound, these are a lifesaver when you want to capture special moments and don’t really have a dedicated person to take pictures. Plus, if you are traveling as a group you want everyone to be in the photo, right?
  • Camera SD Cards:  If she uses her camera often you could add some SD cards for more storage.
  • Weather Gear:  You never know what the weather will be like – and if you’re planning on doing some outdoorsy stuff, it would be nice to not get soaking wet. These ponchos are great to travel with, very compact and could be thrown away after they were used. If you wanted something that could be reusable, here are some compact umbrellas.
  • Travel Wallet:  This has to be the COOLEST travel accessory ever. It’s called the travel wallet. It has all the slots for credit cards, plane tickets, passport holder and more. They offer the wallet in all sorts of colors, plus it’s compact enough to carry in a small purse.

Time to Make Your Own Mother’s Day Gift Basket!

There you have it, nine great ideas to get you started with the perfect Mother’s Day DIY gift basket. Some additional items you may need are tissue paper, a gift bag (if you aren’t actually going to put it in a “basket”), basket wrapping, a card, and maybe some decorative “grass” to fill in some spaces or make it more colorful.

Share:  Which of these Mother’s Day gift basket ideas will you be using for the special mom in your life?  Do you have any other DIY gift basket ideas you can share in the comments?!

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  84. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I usually take my kids and go visit my mom. We usually do whatever she wants to do… its her big day since its close to her birthday too.

  85. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    I like to just spoil my mom and give her a little something for a gift

  86. Brittany says:

    I like to go out to eat somewhere nice and spend time with my family.

  87. As with most holidays, the family gathers at my sister’s place for dinner.

  88. courtney b says:

    we usually go out to dinner


  89. Stephanie O'Day says:

    I love just staying at home, watching movies, playing games, and spending quality time with family.

  90. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    Going out for Brunch with my family is something I always enjoy for Mother’s Day!

  91. Natalie says:

    I love to go on a long walk with my mom and take her out to brunch.

  92. polly says:

    I like spending time with my family especially my 2 young grandsons. They always brighten my day!

  93. Darlene Owen says:

    I like to take my mother out to dinner.

  94. Erica E says:

    I always like to get my mom flowers and take her out for lunch at her favorite restaurant.

  95. Serge B says:

    I like to go out for brunch with the kids

  96. Yvonne Woodstock says:

    It varies. I like to do something to make my daughter who is a mama feel special like she deserves and of course my mom.
    Then it varies… I either do something fun with some of our adult kids and my husband and our grandson or if the kids can’t then my husband and I go out somewhere fun to do something I enjoy on a fun date day or day trip or even small weekend trip. It varies.
    My favorite thing is making priceless fun memories that last forever with any of our closest loved ones.

  97. Barbara Montag says:

    I enjoy going to a buffet with delicious & lots of food.
    thank you

  98. Kelly Skibbe says:

    My blissful mothers day includes sleeping in, drinking a mimosa while I plant my garden and then eat dinner at my favorite restaurant.

  99. Kristy Hughes says:

    I really like to do nothing for mother’s day. I just wanna be lazy and not have to mother. It doesn’t usually work out that way, but I try.

  100. Edye says:

    be with family <3

  101. Arlinda says:

    I just want a quiet day to read

  102. Dawn Ballo says:

    My mom would love the spa basket. We’re planning on going to lunch.

  103. jenna Tomaszewski says:

    We go to lunch thats about it.

  104. Sarah Hayes says:

    I like to spend time with my daughter

  105. Vickie says:

    our tradition big family southern mothers day dinner and spoiling as we should 🙂

  106. paige chandler says:

    I like celebrating my mom with my sisters and spoiling her all day long.

  107. Rebecca Orr says:

    I like to spend some time with my kids and my mom on Mother’s Day.

  108. Tracie Cooper says:

    We love to pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at the water park!

  109. chelsea w says:

    My mother and I go camping every year for Mother’s Day with the rest of my family.

  110. Heather S says:

    We go out to eat as a family

  111. Barrie says:

    I would LOVE to go out for breakfast/brunch but my hubby was a restaurant manager for decades and mother’s day was/is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. So we don’t go. It’s ok though. We go to the local coffee house and enjoy time together while we leisurely drink our coffee and eat a muffin!

  112. Tiffany S says:

    I used to take my Grandmother out for lunch for Mother’s Day.

  113. Jeanna says:

    I like to spend the day at the beach relaxing with my family!

  114. Dawn Monzu says:

    Well, since my kids are grown, I like to hang out with my Mom. It’s nice if my kids come to see me too, but my daughter has her own kids. I just like to buy my Mom her favorite candy and maybe some flowers. She is the best!

  115. stephanie jones says:

    i like going to dinner

  116. rochelle haynes says:

    I like to be around my family

  117. Sarah L says:

    Go to the Mother’s day tea at the botanic gardens.
    Thanks for the contest.

  118. Laurie Nykaza says:

    The family gets together for a bbq which is always so much fun

  119. Ann Fantom says:

    My perfect Mother’s day would be to sleep in late. Then when I get up, my breakfast is ready for me. I would just like to relax and enjoy time with my daughter while my husband handles all cooking duties!

  120. Lisa says:

    I have to have breakfast with my mom.

  121. Karla R. says:

    I like to gift my mother flowers on Mothers Day.

  122. Jenny S says:

    I always like to get my mom a plant.

  123. Andrea Williams says:

    We usually go to church, call our Moms and then eat out or have something in.

  124. Lasonda says:

    I like to go out for lunch.

  125. Ellie Wright says:

    I like to relax at home and have visits from my sons and my grandchildren.

  126. stacey mccrary says:

    I would love to just hang out with my mother in law. My grandmothers are all gone and my mother is too.

  127. Lois M. says:

    Nothing much, but I do get my Mom something as a present.

  128. Jessica To says:

    I like to take my mother out for lunch.

  129. Lisa Ellison says:

    When my mom was alive I used to love to bring her flowers, she loved flowers. Now, I don’t really have plans for mothers day

  130. monique s says:

    Do a nice lunch out and relax with the kids

  131. Lissa Crane says:

    I would like to wake up late, have no laundry to do, hear no kids arguing and order take out so I don’t have to cook or have any dishes to do! That is the plan!

  132. Jessica S says:

    call my mother since we dont live near each other

  133. Jamie Martin says:

    Spoil my mama!

  134. Molli Taylor says:

    i just like to go anyplace with my kids!

  135. holly says:

    I like to be left totally alone… 🙂

  136. Julie Wood says:

    I love spending the day with my kids! Having dinner and spending time together is the best!

  137. Melissa Storms says:

    Now that my son is a teen he usually makes brunch and dinner for Mother’s Day. I love and appreciate it.

  138. Clem says:

    I will make a cake for this Mother’s Day.

  139. Kelly D says:

    I like to have lunch with my mom and kids.

  140. Dan Dykstra says:

    I like to get everyone together and have a cookout. I even do the dishes!

  141. mami2jcn says:

    I like to have food brought home.

  142. Robin Abrams says:

    I like to go out to dinner with my family

  143. sherry butcher says:

    Have someone else make the meal so I could sit and talk with others.
    Thanks for sharing.

  144. John Smith says:

    “What do you like to do for Mother’s Day” I give my mother a card! That’s just the kind of guy I am!

  145. Dianna says:

    On Mother’s Day, I love to go to church with my family. Then we work in the garden and I take a nap while they fix supper.

  146. Victoria Barbour says:

    I like to sleep in, not cook for a day and spend time with my husband and kids.

  147. Mary Cloud says:

    We just go out for lunch. We do normally go see our Mother’s also.

  148. Ken Ohl says:

    I love to take my mom to brunch

  149. Debbie P says:

    I like flowers and a good meal or chocolates.

  150. Judy Cox says:

    We always have a crawfish boil and barbeque for the whole family and we always have such a great time!!!!!

  151. Anne Marie says:

    I love going out to dinner with my family and reading the cards my children make!

  152. Kim BookJunkie says:

    All I ask for on Mother’s Day is to, “have the entire day OFF!” If the kids need food, they ask dad!!! I do not cook, clean, or lift a finger! It’s free and makes me sooo happy!!!

  153. NICOLE S MARTIN says:

    I like to go out for dinner with my family.

  154. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I like to have a BBQ and spend time with my family

  155. Calvin says:

    Share a movie with her, if possible.

  156. Rachel says:

    I enjoy spending time with my family.

  157. Nikki says:

    I like to go out to eat or have take out/take in. Then I like to spend the day relaxing or doing something fun like watching television or playing a game with my hubby. If my mom is around I like to play bingo with her.


  158. Angela Saver says:

    We will spend the day together as a family and go to a nice dinner together. We usually get ice cream too!

  159. Kim Avery says:

    I like to just stay home and spend time with the boys that made me a mom!

  160. Heather K says:

    I like to have brunch at home with my kids or have a cookout at the park.

  161. Nancy says:

    We enjoy cooking together.

  162. shelly peterson says:

    My Mom doesn’t live here but I love to spend time with my kids and grandkids and go to dinner.

  163. Eloquence says:

    It’s usually just a card and maybe flowers. And of course a phone call!

  164. Melissa says:

    i would like to spend the day with my mom doing fun things we both love.

  165. Candice says:

    I like to see my mom, and then have a relaxing day at home.

  166. Randi says:

    I like not having to cook— though that doesn’t always happen

  167. Karley Moore says:

    I go to a movie with my mom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. Cathy French says:

    We tried going out for brunch but no matter where we want to go it is way too busy so we do a cookout.

  169. Anita Duvall says:

    I like to go out to dinner a couple of nights before Mother’s Day so that it is not quite as busy.

  170. Kristen says:

    I like to bring my mom flowers and take her out to eat and to a play….all things she loves!

  171. Charlene S. says:

    I like to have a fun day at home with my family.

  172. Jammie says:

    We watch movies and my daughter cooks me dinner.

  173. Kim Henrichs says:

    I love to do a good brunch.

  174. Sue E says:

    This day is bittersweet for me!! My heart hurts every Mother’s Day for my mom! They say with time that one’s grief gets lighter, but I don’t agree with this analogy!
    My moods change with each year. Sometimes I enjoy my kids taking me out. We always have a good time. Others times, I just want to relax and thank God for all He has blessed me with! I want my daughters to enjoy their Mother’s Days with their families too!!

  175. Sherry Blamer says:

    I would to just sit and relax for mothers day. Im pregnant with baby #3 so relaxing would be nice.

  176. I always visit my mom and take her out on a picnic ,if raining , we ust bring lunch to her and spend the day together.

  177. James Robert says:

    I’d like to spend time with my mom but I work in a restaurant so it is a very busy day for us. My sister and I will both do something a day or two before for our mom like getting her a nice dinner and a gift.

  178. Will G says:

    Go out for brunch.

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