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Motivation from the Mr. Peanut: “I’ve Got the Power!”


Motivation from Mr. Peanut? You are probably thinking, how on earth is a peanut going to motivate me? Well, the new #PowerOfThePeanut campaign from Planters may do just that. In the video, Mr. Peanut Gets Personal, the general theme is about finding power within yourself. I am finding the power within me to recommit to my health and fitness goals for the rest of the year. I have the power to make change happen. How about you?

Give these questions some thought. How do you find the power within? How do you make yourself feel powerful? How do you survive and thrive through life’s challenges?

Are you letting yourself get lower and lower on your priority list? It is easy to do for so many mothers like me. An honest self-assessment is a good place to start. How many of you know exactly what you want to achieve? Where are you now in your progress towards your goals? What is your plan to get from here to there? How many of you will settle for less or “good enough?” To be honest, I found myself there early this year. I was just settling for “so-so.” Not anymore. I’ve got the POWER! So do you!

A peanut has the power of protein and and 6 essential nutrients. You need to put that power within YOU! Eat right, be healthy, be strong! Find the motivation to live your life harnessing the Power of the Peanut!

While this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, I am constantly inspired and motivated by readers, fellow bloggers, and friends who find the power within themselves. I have a friend with cancer who walks everyday and even attended a recent boot camp event. If she can do it, I can certainly find the power within me to recommit to my own health and fitness.

What are the things you would like to change? How do you find the power within? Share your thoughts with a comment. I can’t wait to hear your own powerful insights.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. khan says:

    this so great we can know about it

  2. It’s amazingly true, I get my POWER from God, and the whole day just seems better. HE puts the power in me.

  3. I love that commercial. And since I am always trying to stay on track with one thing or another I can relate.

  4. I love the idea of the Power of the Peanut, and the fact that it is getting you motivated to recommit to your health and fitness goals. We all make so many goals when the calendar changes over to the next year, but we, as you said, are all letting what used to be our priorities go and putting other things we deem more important at the time in their place. Our health and wellness are so important and it’s great to see people talking about recommitting to goals and wanting to do better during the year when it isn’t the season of making changes.

    • Lucija says:

      that leader is rssnopeible for the outcome. However, team members are nominated from respective functions without asking the leader.Team leader knowing the responsiblity, but just don’t know where to get power & how to excert it (don’t forget team member are not directly reporting to you).That is a more realisty scenariao.

  5. Shanna says:

    Ever since my daughter was born, I put myself on low priority. I know when I need a break tho.

  6. Teresha F says:

    I need the will power to beat my sugar cravings! I have increased my protein intake, it’s helped a bit

  7. mel says:

    This is so great. This is something I am working on!

  8. That commercial always cracks me up. I am always reassessing my life and making sure I keep myself in check and on track. It’s a good way to meet your goals.

  9. Nikki says:

    I would like to become more assertive! I’m too timid for my own good!

  10. I do seem to take care of “me” last most often. With a husband who works a lot, I am home taking care of kids, house, and trying to reach my business goals. I do know I am not as fit as I once was and have put on weight. I really do have to make the time for “me”. I just don’t know when! This is a great campaign.

    • Cruz says:

      Take a long slow drive through dinefreft neighborhoods and check out the color schemes along the way this helps in the real world Personally I like earth tones have fun!

  11. bre dale says:

    This is something I’m working on

  12. Patty says:

    Our eating is pretty healthy as we grow 85% of what we eat but there is always room for improvement. I need to add more exercise to my daily routine but it’s hard when you live with a constant headache. I work at staying positive in a world of pain.

  13. Jenna Wood says:

    Well I always feed myself last- That may not seem like the worst thing, but it’s certainly not great for health goals to wolf down a large meal right before bed. I need to take some time to think about my needs each day, to remember to keep drinking water, to pull out that extra apple for me, etc.

  14. Funny commercial but with a good message. With a family history of obesity and diabetes in most of my family members I really see the effects of not taking care of yourself. No food is worth it and falling off track with workouts can’t become an option either. It all comes down to developing the discipline it takes to stay fit.
    I am a trainer with my own business now, so constantly motivating my clients keeps me motivated too. Posting your goals everywhere in your house is a good way to stay on track. Those constant reminders help you keep your focus!

  15. I’ve been going through an honest self-assessment the past few weeks, and have realised that in order to meet the goals that I want to meet (Olympic Distance Triathlon) I have to be much more committed.

    • Jenn says:

      Nice to “see” you Janice. That is an amazing goal! I am thinking about a sprint length. I cannot imagine olympic length. Can’t wait to follow you on your journey. You are an inspiration!

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