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Motivation Monday: What I Learned from Tony Horton

Busy Moms FitnessWelcome to another Motivation Monday. One of my favorite workouts is an exercise program called P90X. I’m sure most of you have heard of it since it is the top selling workout program in the US.

I had the pleasure of participating in a conference call with the creator and trainer, Tony Horton. During this discussion one of the participants mentioned that they are always asked how to get the “six pack” abs like Tony. His response was both surprising and inspirational.

Tony said, “focus on Can Do and NOT Look Like.” Perhaps this is easy to say for a man that obviously looks amazing, but he was genuine in wanting people to really focus on what their bodies CAN DO first and not what they LOOK LIKE.

I am taking this to heart each and every day. As women, we get so caught up with body image and what we LOOK LIKE instead of focusing on improving our health and what our bodies CAN DO. Look at the mom pushing that stroller up hill. She is focusing on getting healthy and not worried what she looks like. Not sure if you recognize her, but it’s actually Sheryl Crow. I love it when even celebrities focus more on their children than what they look like for the paparazzi.

Keep this in mind the next time you critisize yourself when you look in the mirror. Be thankful for everything that your body CAN DO and strive to make it better each and every day. Before you know it, you may enjoy what you LOOK LIKE a little more and more each day as well.

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