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MyFitU Review and Giveaway: Online Fitness Programs

MyFitU-Review and Giveaway

While I do go out to gyms and yoga studios in my area from time to time, I also love to workout at home. I was very pleased to be given an opportunity to review the new online fitness program site MyFitU was created by one of the nation’s leading fitness trainers, Daniel Meng. He is well known, especially in the country music industry, as one of the top trainers to stars like Kenny Chesney and Jay DeMarcus (from Raskall Flats), and Jake Owen and many more. Now, I am not a huge country music fan myself, but just looking at photos of Kenny Chesney, and especially Jake Owen (hottie!) made me want to learn more about getting in great shape like they are.

As a woman, I was a bit skeptical about getting in shape with a program created by a guy who seemed like a “guys” trainer, but the program is very accessible for both men and women. The MyFitU program claims to “act like a personal trainer, healthful eating mentor and weight loss coach all in one.” I think the program succeeds in many ways, but there is also room for improvement. First, I’ll give you a virtual tour of the site.

After initial sign up, you create a fitness profile with the following information:

MyFitU Sign Up

Fictional Stats for Display Purposes

A program is then created according to your stats and goals. The workout preview and calendar looks like this:

MyFitU Online Fitness Program

You can click on any calendar day to preview your upcoming workouts. When you click the “start workout” button, you are taken to another page. Each exercise is outlined with a written description, photo, and access to a video as well.

Considering that I chose the home workout program, I was a bit disappointed that many of my workouts required quite a bit of equipment. Luckily, there is a swap exercise button so I could select an alternate move requiring either no equipment or something I already had at home. MyFitU also has a shop so this may be the purpose for showing equipment-based exercises first to make more money. I realize it’s a business, but I like having the ability to select alternative exercises when I want to.

For gym-goers there are some great photos of many of the machines you’ll find at local health clubs and gyms. There is even an iPhone app for easy take-a-long access to the workout plans.

The MyFitU program also includes a nutrition section including full meal plans provided by You can follow along a meal plan customized for your program or search the vast library of recipes to pick and choose what you like best. For example, I typed “shrimp” into the recipe search and found 11 shrimp recipes. Yum!

I like that MyFitU also includes a safety section. This is something I don’t typically see with these types of online services. Here is a sample of the safety videos they provide:

MyFitU Online Fitness Program

The good…

Overall, I give MyFitU a thumbs up. I think it is a great site with reasonable pricing and solid programming. Workouts can be done with your own soundtrack playing in the background or, one of my favorites, while catching up on a favorite program on DVR. The portability of the iPhone app is great too.

Not to good…

That said, there is not much “pizazz” to the progam. The instruction videos are boring with a rather generic voiceover guy. There is no option to follow an entire workout video like you might get in other home DVD or Exercise TV type of offerings.

MyFitU.Com Giveaway
Win a Full Year Membership

I love providing my readers with a giveaway attached to my reviews. I am so pleased to announce that you can win a free year with This is a $182 value. Cool! Enter and tell your friends too.

DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated for this review, however – I did recieve a membership to MyFitU for free in exchange for my review and hosting this giveaway. This opportunity was provided by the Bookieboo Blogger Network. All opinions are mine, and not always 100% positive.

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I would love to be fit again and stay fit. It makes a difference in every area.

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I would like to win this because I have started a fitness journey

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