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Exciting New Projects Coming from Disney and Marvel Studios


At the D23 EXPO in Anaheim, CA, Disney and Marvel Studios presented exclusive news and details about the upcoming live action films coming to theaters in the next year. I am so excited about these upcoming releases. I love that there are offerings for fans of all ages. Which movie do you want to see? In case you don’t know what D23 is. It’s the Disney fan club. Members get cool perks like lots of Disney news and info before the general population. I hope I can go to the next conference.

captain america civil war

Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR – Opens May 2016

(#Captain America & #CivilWar)

Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR picks up where “Avengers: Age of Ultron” left off, as Steve Rogers leads the new team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. After another international incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability and a governing body to determine when to enlist the services of the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers while they try to protect the world from a new and nefarious villain.

the finest hours

THE FINEST HOURS – Opens January 2016

THE FINEST HOURS is based on the remarkable true story of the most daring rescue mission in the history of the Coast Guard. This movie promises to transport audiences to the heart of the action, creating a fully-immersive cinematic experience on an epic scale.

jungle book

THE JUNGLE BOOK – Opens April 2016

Based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s 1967 animated classic, the film features state-of the-art technology that immerses audiences in the lush world like never before.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.01.46 AM


ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS features the unforgettable characters from Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories. Director James Bobin brings his own unique vision to the spectacular world Tim Burton created on screen in 2010 with “Alice in Wonderland,” in which Alice (Wasikowska) returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.02.35 AM

PETE’S DRAGON – Opens August 2016

The heartwarming adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon,

About D23 EXPO 2015

For other highlights and D23 EXPO 2015 news, visit To join the D23 EXPO conversation, make sure to follow DisneyD23 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, and use the hashtag #D23EXPO.

About D23

The name “D23” pays homage to the exciting journey that began in 1923 when Walt Disney opened his first studio in Hollywood. D23 is the first official club for fans in Disney’s 90-plus-year history. Fans can join D23 at Gold and General Membership levels at and at To keep up with all the latest D23 news and events, follow DisneyD23 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Stay tuned for more details about other movies from LucasFilm and Pixar too!

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  1. I can’t wait for Finest Hour to hit theaters. Thanks for the heads up. I bet it is going to be good and animated.

  2. What a great list of movies! My kids are going to want to see many of them when they come to theatres.

  3. What a line up! I need to see all of these! Disney and Marvel are awesome!!!

  4. krystal says:

    We are passholders so we can’t wait for all the new attractions at Disney World! The movies will be awesome too.

  5. I am so excited for all these new movies!! I know my kids are excited as well, I forsee a lot of family movie nights coming up!

  6. OMGosh! So many wonderful things happening at Disney! Can’t wait to see some of these projects.

  7. Kristina says:

    This is great! I grew up a huge Disney fan, and I could not be more excited for these upcoming movies!!!

  8. Brandy says:

    I am excited about the new Alice in Wonderland type movie, how cool is that? Thanks for sharing these new projects 🙂

  9. Jeannette says:

    Wow – there are so many good movies coming up! I can’t wait to see The Finest Hours. It’s at the top of the list of movies I’m most excited about.

  10. This is over the top exciting! I can’t wait for these films to hit the theaters!!

  11. I am most excited about Captain America: Civil War. I love what Marvel has done, except maybe The Fantastic Four, but will try and forget that one!

  12. What awesome announcements. Great company in most part for families.

  13. Scott says:

    I’ve seen the list and I think Marvel has my wallet tied up for the next 5+ years!

  14. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg that Alice movie! I had no idea it was even a movie and now… Ahhhh… Can’t wait to see it!!!

  15. Jenna Wood says:

    So many great selections to look forward too! I’m not sure whether I’m more excited about Alice or Puff! I would love to attend D23 one day, I keep getting invites but I usually can’t swing the travel. Thanks for sharing a little of it with us!

  16. Leira says:

    Wow 2016 is a year to look forward too in terms of Disney movies. I can’t wait to see the Jungle Book!!

  17. I’m excited about Alice Through the Looking Glass…that is something that I’d like. My nephew would probably love the Jungle Book.

  18. Apryl says:

    My kiddos are the biggest Disney fans! They are anxiously awaiting anything to do with Captain America and the Avengers. I also know they wi l enjoy the Jungle Book. Me? I can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland!

  19. Nicci says:

    The new Alice and Jungle Book look great! My kids love animal movies, and I’m sure the Disney magic will be fantastic.

  20. Oh my, I can’t wait to see some of these movies. They look so good!

  21. Ashley says:

    I’ve loved seeing all of the Disney news lately! We’re already planning our trip to be able to visit the Star Wars park 🙂

  22. Michele says:

    I really think I am going to have to see The Finast Hour. I have always been a Disney movie fan! Alice in Wonderland sounds like one I will probably sneak in to watch (no kids to take in with me!)

  23. Paula says:

    Disney’s got a lot going on in the next few years! We are not members of D23 but are thinking of joining. It would be fun to experience the conference first-hand!

  24. Nancy L. says:

    The Finest Hours looks like a great suspense movie! Can’t wait for the release. We love to watch all Disney films as a family! Definitely going to check out D23 – sounds awesome!

  25. Nicole says:

    Oooh, I am DEFINITELY seeing Alice! I love all things Wonderland, and that looks absolutely terrific! I can’t wait!!

  26. Maureen says:

    There is going to be such an amazing stuff coming from Disney. I can’t wait!

  27. I’m a huge Disney fan! Looking forward to all these lovely releases especially Jungle book.

  28. They made so many amazing announcements at D23! I am so excited about all the new movies they are coming out with!

  29. Heather says:

    Oh “The Finest Hour” looks like something my husband would enjoy watching. He loves cruise liners and movies featuring them.

  30. I can’t wait to see these projects. Disney and Marvel is such a great mix of talent and artistry! This is going to be a great collaboration that is only going to get bigger and better with time.

  31. Amanda says:

    Wow, it looks like Disney has some great projects in the works. I would love to see the new version of the Jungle Book–it is one of my childhood favorites!

  32. Tom says:

    I can not wait for Captain America: Civil War!! Neither can my family. You can bet the day it comes out our butts will be in a seat at a theater!!!

  33. Aileen says:

    I am in love with Disney and Marvel studios, no matter my age I will stay in love with them! 😛 So it’s great to see these new projects that are soon to come up. Can’t wait!

  34. aah Disney how I love thee, I can not wait to see captain america and jungle book. All very exciting, must be awesome being a Disney fan club member

  35. Jeanette says:

    Oh wow there is a lot going on there! I can’t wait until I hear more about this! I love Disney!

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