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Optum Perks – Discount Meds Made Easy

This post is sponsored by Optum Perks but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Prescriptions can be one of the worst expenses families face these days. Both my son and I are on prescription medications, and they are expensive. Optum Perks makes finding the best prices on medications easy, and I love that.

Whether you have insurance or not, medication prices can be hefty. Even insurance only covers so much, and if you’re on certain medications, your out-of-pocket expenses can be astronomical.

That’s why I’m glad I found Optum Perks. It’s a mobile app that makes it easy to search medication prices, allowing me to save money every time I get a prescription filled for my son or myself.

No More Wrangling Prices

Many people think that if you have insurance, you’re set on the medication front. That’s true – to a point. Even insurance doesn’t pay for all medications in full, and you’re always dealing with a deductible.

I’ve been on medications for years, and my son has needed to get new allergy medication annually. In that time, I’ve become a bit of a price wrangler, tracking down the best prices on medications that I can find. The emphasis here is the phrase “that I can find”.

It’s not easy to find the best prices on medications. And even when I have found the best price, it’s cost me so much time. With Optum Perks, I’m able to quickly find the best prices on my and my son’s medications.

Every year, my son needs 4 epinephrine auto-injectors for his nut allergy. Our insurance only covers 2, but he needs 2 for school AND 2 for home. You always need to have a backup in case one fails or in case he needs another shot before emergency services are available.

Having Optum Perks has been such a huge benefit to us. When you need medications, you have to find a way to pay for them. That can mean dipping into funds that you’re saving or even deciding to forego something else in order to pay for those meds.

I’ve been in that boat, and it’s not fun. With this app, I’m able to save money every time I fill prescriptions, which means less strain on my wallet and less stress, both of which are so helpful for me.

I’ve found the biggest savings on my son’s allergy medications. Those are so expensive! But since I’ve been using the Optum Perks app, I’ve been able to save substantially, and that’s been such a huge help.

How Optum Perks Works

Outside of how easy it is to use this app, my favorite part about the app is that anyone can use it. You don’t have to have insurance, and if you do have insurance it can still save you money.

For those without insurance, this app can make a huge difference in their bottom line. For those with insurance, the app helps reduce costs in another way. Although it can’t be used in conjunction with insurance, it’s perfect for prescriptions not covered by insurance or medications that would be more expensive to have filled by using a deductible.

There’s no membership, no fees, and app users can save up to 80% on their prescriptions. Even better, it’s also accepted at over 64,000 pharmacies across the country including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Kroger. That means you don’t have to find an obscure pharmacy to use this. The savings on my son’s allergy medication saves us about 50%.

To use the app, all you have to do is search for your prescription, download the coupon through the app, and take it to the pharmacy. That’s it. You just search, find, and save.
I love that the app shows you a list of the drug stores where you can save and where they are in your area. That way, I can pick a location that is convenient to me AND has the best price.

Easy Savings for Everyone

I love using Optum Perks. My son’s allergy medications are so much more affordable now, and I want to share this great tool for saving money on prescriptions with you.
As a mom, it’s been such a Godsend to know that I’ll be able to always have my son’s prescriptions filled, as well as my own, and using such an easy app has made it so easy to do.

If you’re struggling with prescription prices or you just want to save more, give Optum Perks a try. It’s so easy to use, and it can save you so much money. You can use it whether or not you have insurance, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. I’ve saved a lot, and I think you will, too. Check them out.

Easily search, find, and save on prescriptions by downloading the Optum Perks Mobile App! (LINK)

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