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Habits and Routines Create an Organized Life

An organized life is the end result of creating your ideal habits in your morning routine. With your new morning routine figured out, it’s time to put it into action. The habits and routines you’ve laid out must be implemented to ensure that your new plan happens every morning without fail.

Creating an organized life revolving around a habit or routine takes a lot of willpower, but you can do it. At first, you’ll find that it actually takes extra energy in the form of willpower, mental energy, and drive to implement your new game plan, but once those healthy habits we discussed earlier are in place, it soon becomes as automatic as brushing your teeth.

Cementing Habits for an Organized Life

There’s really only one way to cement a habit in your life, and that’s doing it over and over again. Studies show that it takes 28 days to incorporate a new habit so don’t give up. Once you come up with a good working routine revolving around your desired habits and goals, stick to it religiously, especially in the first few weeks.

Repetition Leads to Success

In just a couple of weeks, it will become your new normal, and you’ll no longer have to remind yourself to do each step in your desired routine. You’ll be in a “good rut” if you will, following your daily rituals automatically.

You’ll find that it takes much less effort and mental tracking to get things done, even if it involves something like a 30-minute run or getting up at the crack of dawn to work on your most important business tasks for an hour.

Resets Will Happen

Sometimes you’ll encounter obstacles that you simply cannot overcome in the morning. It happens to even the most ardent routine followers. It might be accidentally oversleeping or inclement weather that interferes with your desired job.

Whatever it is, the important thing is to immediately get back into your routine the next day. Hit the reset button rather than letting one day’s derailment blow up your entire gameplan.

For example, let’s say you wake up early to go on a run, and you find it’s raining buckets outside. If you don’t have an indoor alternative, your morning routine will not be what you wanted it to be. In this case, you can simply do a mini-reset for the morning.

Remember what I said before bout being flexible? Rather than simply write off the morning, use that 30 minutes to add some time to another thing you were planning to do anyway, continuing on with your gameplan for an organized life.

Or maybe you accidentally overslept. You find that you are completely behind all morning and maybe even all day. That’s okay. Simply hit your routine reset button the next morning and get back on track. Allow yourself the knowledge that things don’t always go to plan and the grace to realize that that’s okay.

An Organized Life is About Consistency, Not Perfection

An organized life is about consistency, not perfection. Of course, we want every morning to go perfectly to plan, but that just doesn’t happen in the real world. Our mornings do not exist in a vacuum.

Consistency is the key here. Your most important job whenever life gets in the way of your routine is to get back on track as quickly as possible, whether that means a mini-reset or starting fresh the next day.

If the weather outside is bad, do a quick in-home workout if possible, go to the gym if you have a membership, or simply use that extra time to do something different. If you overslept, do your best to get back on track and realize that the next day is waiting for you to get your routine back on its proper course.

The absolute move important, absolutely critical thing to remember here is that getting back on your routine as soon as possible is vital. Get back to your new healthy habits the next morning and actively remind yourself to stay on track for a few days until your routine is firmly in place one more.

Consistency leads to a great morning routine, and a great morning routine leads to an organized life. Simply do your best – your REAL best without excuses – and you’ll find that you generally stay on track.

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  2. Babett says:

    So very true. Routines give us stability and strength, even through difficult times.
    Thanks for these helpful tips.

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