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Personalized Valentines Cards from Octogifts

Say you receive 2 Valentines cards. One is store bought and one created by hand? Which one makes you feel truly special? Likely it’s the personalized valentines card.

If you want your loved one to feel like you put a little extra thought and imagination into their card, you’ll want to make something unique too.

Not so creative or imaginative? Not to worry, how about a Personalized valentines card that’s also candy dispensers? Thinking, I can’t make that? Well, with Octogifts, yes you can!

What is Octogifts?

The unique cards from Octogifts were created by a 13-year-old boy named Sebastian. Initially, he created a paper gum ball machine for a friend. When he got such a great response, he thought he might make some money for a drum set he’d been wanting.

He turned his knack for math and origami to design and sell a Valentine’s Day candy dispenser card made entirely out of paper. To his surprise, his Etsy shop sold out within hours and Octogifts was born.

Ordinary greeting cards are typically discarded. The personalized Valentines cards from Octogifts are proudly displayed long after the holiday. Here are some reviews from Octogifts customers

“The quality and workmanship in the OctoGift cards make this gift unique! My mother in law keeps hers on display so she can show her neighbors the clever card her grandchildren gave her. We have ordered several and consider OctoGifts works of art! Thank you!”

Kimberly L., Alpharetta, GA

“I absolutely love these heart shaped boxes! I bought these for each of my grandchildren for Valentine’s Day and they were a hit! They are sturdy and cleverly designed and fun to use.”

Nitza C., St. Johns, FL

I can make these myself?

Yup, making the cards yourself is easy with the supplied step-by-step instructions. Simply add your loved ones favorite candy and you’re good to go. What I love about the card is that it’s really appreciated by people of every age. Warm that special someone’s heart by saying I made just this for you. 

Choose from TWO Valentine’s Day DIY card options:

  • Our classic gumball machine card
  • Our heart-shaped card

Buy 2 or more Valentines and get 10% off!

Sebastian created a number of other designs that can be used all year long for things like birthdays, graduations, holidays and more. This super student’s cards are even patent pending.

Get your personalized valentines card at Octogifts today! Then bookmark their page for the future. Everyone will want one of your cards once you start sending Octogift cards.

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