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Pet Life is the Best with these Paw-Some Products

Pet life is the best, you guys. We adopted our dog, Panda, seven years ago, and if you’ve been a reader of my blog for any length of time, you know how much we love her. Our days are filled with tug of war, cuddling, hiking, playing, and just laying around together, and it’s so much fun.

As wonderful as pet life is, there’s always room for improvement, and these Paw-Some Pet Products are that improvement. If you have pets, you’ll love everything on this list.

Great Products for Living the Pet Life

We love our Panda. We love to give her treats – sometimes more than we should – and we love to just spend time with her. What we don’t love so much is cleaning up when she gets dirty. We have to be careful about the carpet and hard floors after she’s been playing outside. You know, basic pet stuff. That’s why I love these products. It has both us and our wonderful Panda covered!

Pumpkin Treats from Fruitables

Having pets means having treats. Pumpkin Treats from Fruitables are great because they have a taste that Panda loves, and they’re made with wholesome ingredients so we feel good about giving them to her.

These delicious, healthy treats are made with superfoods to keep Panda healthy and satisfied with her treats because the company is devoted to animal health, supporting major university studies targeting animal obesity and satiety.

Pumpkin Spice Skinny Minis

Pumpkin Spice Skinny Minis are made with fresh pumpkin, baked apples, and cinnamon. They’re a low-calorie treat that lets Panda get in on all the fall fun just like the rest of the family.

Pumpkin & Cranberry Baked Treats

These tasty treats smell like muffins, you guys. I mean, if I didn’t know they were dog treats, I’d want them. They’re filled to capacity with pumpkin and cranberry, and Panda is all about them.

iDig from iFetch

Panda has always loved to dig – whether in the yard or in the couch – so she’s loving the new iDig from iFetch. This digging toy is basically a treasure hunt for Panda. The iDig comes with three flaps that I can put Panda’s favorite toys in, allowing her to get her digging fix and find a treat at the end of it all. It’s a great outlet that doesn’t wreck the yard or the furniture.

The iDig won the Best New Dog Product award in 2018 at the SuperZoo pet industry trade show, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great way to give dogs both mental and physical stimulation, it keeps them entertained and tired out, and it gives dogs like my Panda a positive outlet for their digging.

If you go to iFetch right now and use the code: BABBLE15, you’ll get 15% off an iDig digging toy, so check it out.

Kids ‘n’ Pets Stain and Odor Remover

I love this company because its products work and its founder understands what it means to deal with messes. The company was founded by a dad of two who also has two pets. So he gets it.

The Stain & Odor Remover from Kids ‘n’ Pets is designed to be tough on messes but not on us or our pets. It’s a natural, non-toxic enzyme-based formula designed to break down biodegradable messes like grass, coffee, urine, sweat, blood, feces, and more – pretty much everything that a person with kids, pets, or both will have to clean up at some point.

It’s a pretreatment that’s designed to get out the worst of the worst. Spray or pour it on and let it air dry. Then, pop it in the laundry. Easy peasy.

You can get a 27 oz. spray or a 1-gallon pourable bottle at Walmart or Home Depot.

FloorRover Dash from Eureka

Pet life is fun. It’s also hairy. So hairy! The FloorRover Dash from Eureka is designed with the hairiness of pet ownership in mind. I have a Eureka. My mom has a Eureka. My grandmother had a Eureka. They’ve been around for over 100 years, and they are great machines.

This Eureka upright vacuum is super powerful and makes it easy to deep clean carpets and get all the pet mess off of hard surfaces, as well. It’s lightweight, so it makes it easy to clean the entire house with a multi-cyclone filtration system and a HEPA filter to keep the air clean while the floors are being done.

It also features swivel steering, easy glide wheel design, and a 12-foot extended reach that makes it so easy to maneuver around the house. You can find it a Walmart for $159.00. You can’t beat that!

LemiShine Disinfecting Wipes

As a mom of both human babies and my fur baby, I really appreciate LemiShine Disinfecting Wipes. My kids and my Panda are incredibly good at making messes, which means, I have gotten incredibly good at cleaning them, and I love keeping the house extra clean and germ-free with LemiShine eco-friendly cleaning products.

Their wipes are effective against 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The formula has been used in hospitals for over 10 years, so I know its hardcore.

In addition, I love that this formula is free of bleach and formulated with plant-based ingredients like citric acid. So I can kill all the bad stuff without using any bad stuff.

Pet Life is Easier with These Great Products

My family loves Panda, and we want her to have all the best things. We also need all the best things to keep the house clean. That’s what Pet life is all about – loving the mess makers. It’s very similar to having kids, really.

These products make pet life so much easier for us and a lot more fun for our dogs, so give them a look.

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