11 Positivity Coloring Pages for Kids

This is a stressful time for everyone in America. Millions of kids are out of school and there will be millions more in the coming weeks. Some kids are happy to be out of school, but cabin fever will begin to set in if it hasn’t already.

5 Positivity Coloring Pages for Kids

We are all making incredible sacrifices, but children may not understand why or what their role is in all of this. This is a great opportunity to help your kids feel important about their role in social distancing. Since they are the largest group likely to carry the virus without symptoms, kids staying home will truly help save the world.

5 Positivity Coloring Pages for Kids

Let your kids know how amazing they are. Talk to them about how they are helping to save the world. Help them to understand that by doing their part, they are truly super heroes.

5 Positivity Coloring Pages for Kids

I created 5 free coloring pages focusing on the the power of positivity during this pandemic. Show them off in a window to let your neighbors share in these positive messages. Share with a friend or family member and hopefully they will do the same. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to download Set 1

CLICK HERE to download Set 2

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5 Positivity Coloring Pages for Kids


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