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Productive Morning Routine – Finding the Time

A productive morning routine begins as soon as the alarm sounds. Mornings are busy, and they can be quite chaotic, especially if you have people in the home that you have to get ready and out the door.

Creating a Productive Morning Routine

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, no matter how busy the beginning of your day may appear. Earlier, we talked about how those first few hours of the morning set the tone for the entire day.

Do you want that tone to be one of a rushing, frantic game of catch up, or do you want it to be calm, collected, productive, and feeling in control? The choice is yours, and it’s all about embracing two simple concepts.

Getting Up Early

Don’t simply get up early. Get up early enough. It’s tempting to hit the snooze button and catch a few more minutes of sleep, right? It can even be difficult to set the alarm early enough that you have plenty of time to accomplish everything.

I get it. If you’re not a morning person, setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier to carve out a little extra time can be tough. However, if you give it a try, you’ll find that it’s not nearly as hard as you thought it would be after a few mornings. You get used to it very quickly.

You Snooze, You Lose… Time

Avoiding the snooze button at all costs is the key to a morning that isn’t rushed. The problem with cutting your time too short, or worse, hitting the snooze button a few times is that it puts you behind schedule from the start.

You have to rush to make it out the door in time, making any minor problem or bump in the road a gigantic problem. Being unable to find the car keys transforms from a minor annoyance into a major catastrophe, possibly making you late for work and the kids late for school.

Remember, a productive morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you begin your day behind and rushing, that’s likely how the rest of the day will go.

The Early Bird Gets a Great Day

The other side of the coin is that getting up early enough puts you ahead of the game. You’re in control. You’re able to take care of everything that you need to do in the morning in a calm manner and still have time for those things you want to work on for yourself. In short, getting up early sets you up for a productive morning routine and a productive day.

Restructuring Your Routine

Spend a little time thinking about your current morning routine and where you’re spending your time. Is it a productive morning routine or is it more like barely controlled chaos?

Look for things you can change and tweak to find more time for the things you really want to do. For example, if you want an extra 20 minutes to meditate in the morning, look for things that you could take care of ahead of time, things you could eliminate, and things you can delegate to make that 20 minutes a reality.

Free Printable Bedtime Routine

click image for free printable version

Let’s look at breakfast. If you spend a large part of your time in the morning getting breakfast for everyone, try setting the breakfast table the night before. Have your spouse make the coffee. Teach the kids to make their own breakfast and put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Another way to save time in the morning is to set out clothing the night before. Make sure the next day’s outfits for everyone in the family are set out the night before. Also, keep book bags, purses, briefcases, car keys, and the like in a designated spot so that all everyone has to do in the morning is grab what they need as they head out the door.

Small Changes for a Productive Morning Routine

Small changes like the ones above can have a huge impact on your morning, turning a rushed race into a productive morning routine. I challenge you to look for ways to tweak your morning routine to make it more efficient and time-saving. Try to figure out ways to save yourself 30 minutes every morning. It’s easier than you think!

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