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Puppy Training with Lots of Love & Nudges FDA Dog Treats


Puppy Training with Lots of Love and Nudges #NudgesMoments #shop

Puppy Training with Lots of Love & Nudges FDA Dog Treats

Six months ago, we added a new member to our family. We met her and her brothers and sisters at the animal shelter. They were eight furballs of cuddly energy running around the puppy pen. When we entered, one puppy caught our eye. She was different than all the rest. Most where tan or amber in color. She was super fluffy black, white and grey. She climbed on my lap and cuddled. We fell in love! A few days later, we brought our new puppy home.

Puppy Training with Lots of Love and Tyson Nudges #NudgesMoments #shop

After puppy came home, she bonded quickly with our family. My son likes to brag, “She is smart, fluffy, cute and awesome. She is the most awesome puppy in the world!” My daughter says, “She is clever, loves to play, and really fluffy. I love having her in our family.”

Our animal shelter spoke with us about the importance of choosing the right foods and treats for our new puppy. They mentioned that natural products made in the USA are the most trusted choices for pet safety.

Puppy Training with Lots of Love and Tyson Nudges #NudgesMoments #shop

We were happy to learn that Nudges are made in the USA and are free of fillers and made with real American meats. Nudges come in a variety of flavors: Health and Wellness Chicken (Walmart Exclusive in both bag sizes), Beef, Bacon, and Duck (Walmart exclusives in the large bag size.) We popped on over to Walmart to pick out a bag for our pup.

The kids were super excited to continue puppy training using Nudges. Puppy LOVES them, which provides great motivation for good behavior and learning commands like sit, stay, come, etc.

Puppy Training with Lots of Love and Nudges #NudgesMoments #shop

The Nudges are smelly and chewy, which is PERFECT for puppy training. Dry treats or kibble are typically not as motivating for most dogs. Chewy treats are great for puppy hide and seek too. We can hide a treat and puppy can go find it with her keen sense of smell. The kids especially LOVE this game. Sometimes they will hide holding a treat and wait for puppy to find them.

Puppy Training with Lots of Love and Tyson Nudges #NudgesMoments #shop

Stop by your local Walmart and check out Nudges for your favorite pooch. I bet he or she will love them. Find out more from other #CollectiveBias bloggers by using the #NudgesMoments hashtag around the internet.

Puppy Training with Lots of Love and Nudges #NudgesMoments #shop

Have any good training tips or funny puppy stories? Share in a comment.

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  2. melissa says:

    I really want a puppy! How cute!!

  3. Sarah B says:

    What a cutie! I love the idea of puppy hide & seek! We might have to try that with our dog, who also love Nudges! #client

  4. Oh what a sweet puppy. We are trying to train Angel, old dog/ new tricks, but she would love these.

  5. Lena says:

    My doggy needs something different – I would love to try these!

  6. Cinny says:

    Oh how cute, I’m seeing so much about Nudges lately, makes me want to get some for the pups.

  7. All of our pets are adopted, so good for you for giving this pup a great home! Puppy training can be difficult and the Nudges sound like a great treat to help with that.

  8. Oh, I remember the puppy stage! So active, and ready to learn. Great idea to use Nudges to help with training.

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