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Panda Takes the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge


Panda Takes the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge

We adopted our furry bundle of joy a little less than 2 years ago. With her black and white coloring, the shelter named her Panda. When Panda came home, she instantly became a beloved member of our family. We all love to play, cuddle, run, hike, and tug with her. We do our best to keep her happy, safe and healthy. This includes selecting dog food that we feel is safe and helps promote her good health.

We decided to have Panda try the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge (#OneSmartDifference for #CollectiveBias). I love that Purina ONE is available on Amazon Prime so I get a great price and free 2-day shipping. Panda took a look at Amazon to pick her favorite flavor and I placed the order.


What is the 28 Day Challenge? Purina ONE,  believes in proof, not promises. They’re asking dog lovers all over the country to switch to Purina ONE dry dog food, and step up to the 28 Day Challenge.  They believe people will see:

  • Day 1+: Taste: When your dog loves the taste of his food, it can make all the difference
  • Day 7+: Energy: An optimal blend of ingredients provides the energy your dog needs
  • Day 14+: Digestibility: Highly digestible food helps more nutrients go to work inside your dog
  • Day 21+: Skin & Coat: Balanced nutrition supports a beautiful coat and healthy skin
  • Day 21+: Bright Eyes: Your dog’s eyes are a window to his health
  • Day 28+: Dental Healthy: Great nutrition and crunchy kibble support strong teeth and healthy gums


Panda was excited to give Purina ONE a try. We had been using a combination of a dry food and canned wet food. We love that Panda really enjoys the Purina ONE dog food as is. Not having to add wet food helps us save money. The kids love that it’s not too messy or smelly. Frankly, we think Purina ONE actually smells pretty good. Perhaps this is because real poultry, meat, or fish is the #1 ingredient.


As the month progressed, I asked the kids if they saw any differences in Panda. My son said he thought “Panda was more fluffy and lovable.” My daughter said, “I think Panda is more cuddly and playful.” I notice that she is more bright eyed and super soft too. The winter months sometimes make her skin more dry and itchy, but this also seems improved after using Purina ONE.


We are thrilled that Panda loves her Purina ONE Smartblend dog food almost as much as we love her! She is so excited to get her bowl of Purina ONE every day. Check it out!

Want to learn more about the Purina ONE Challenge, follow the #OneSmartDifference and check out their social media sites:

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  1. Cinny says:

    Aww, what adorable pics of Panda! The pups have tried the Purina One brand before and I think they liked it.

  2. First of all I cannot get enough of your dog! That face is too stinkin’ adorable 🙂 I’m glad Panda was able to take on the challenge successfully! It’s important we give our fur babies nothing but the best when it comes to their food and treats.

  3. Patty says:

    Panda is adorable! I love Amazon for the convenience – I get my cat food in every month from them. It’s so easy – well except for my UPS man who has to haul the big box o’food. heh

  4. We are a “Purina Family”. Our dogs actually eat a Purina prescription food. Since Pugs, tend to have breathing problems, and tend to get puddgy, it’s very important to keep them at a healthy weight. We’ve had them on OM for years. Our trim and lean Lab, loves the stuff too, ts he just gets extra large portions.

  5. Your dog is so cute! Purina One seems like it’s good for dogs, too.

  6. Panda looks like she is loving the Purina One. Can’t wait to see her journey. (PS. Not sure your video is working)

  7. Jenna Wood says:

    Panda is too adorable, those eyes just get me! It’s interesting you note the smell of the food, I find food that smells more like human food is often better grade! #client

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