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10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life!

10 tips to reduce stress

If you are busy mom like me, stress comes with the territory. With a little planning and preparation, you can reduce stress in your life tremendously.

Time Management

  •   Take some time to prioritize your day each morning
  •   Create short to-do lists for each day, but don’t go beyond the weekend.
  •   Consider using a timer. If a task is taking much longer than you expected or you are getting side tracked, move on!
  •   Consider delegating tasks on your list to your kids, spouse, or even a friend. It’s OK to ask for help.

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Prepare for the Day

  •   Take some time each night to prepare for the next day.
  •   Write out a meal plan and pack lunches ahead of time.
  •   Pick out clothes for you and the kids and lay them out.

Stop and Enjoy the Little Things

  •   Take a break and enjoy the moment from time to time
  •   Focus on small details like the taste of a food or a lovely view from the car.

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Keep Moving

  •   Regular exercise is key to help reduce stress
  •   Small bursts of activity help even if you can’t get in a full workout
  •   If you are stuck at a desk, try to move for at least 5 minutes each hour.

Remember to Laugh

  •   Laughter releases happy hormones
  •   Share a funny story
  •   Ask a friend to tell you a joke
  •   Listen to a comedy radio station

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Enjoy Nature

  •   Spend time outdoors
  •   Natural scents and sights have a calming effect

Take time to Breathe

  •   Take slow deep breaths to reduce stress
  •   You’ll lower your heart rate and blood pressure too.

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  •   Meditation does not need to be formal
  •   Take time to clear your mind even in the shower or bath
  •   Here is my meditation 101 video on my YouTube channel

Keep a Gratitude Journal

  •   Every night, write at least one sentence about something that brought you joy.
  •   No accomplishment is too small


Consider Vitamins and Natural Supplements

  •  Natural supplements like Natrol – 5HTP can help minimize stress. It is a fast dissolve, drug-free, plant-derived mood enhancement supplement that stimulates calmness throughout the body by naturally increasing serotonin levels
  • I also take melatonin to help with sleep
  • Vitamin D is also great to combat the winter blues when you might not be getting adequate time outside.

 Have other tips to reduce stress? Share in a comment.

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