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“Secret Weapon” Helps Prevent Sports Injuries for Your Soccer Player

Initially, I was glad that my son chose to play soccer instead of football or hockey thinking that he would be safer. I figure it was not a “contact sport.” As he gets older and all of the boys get bigger, there is more risk for injury. Only recently, have I become more aware of the safety choices available to soccer players.

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Surprising, the game of soccer, actually has the highest injury rate. It’s the dark side of a fun game. 56% of all injuries in soccer are skin abrasion related. Turf Burn being the most common of these injuries. Ouch! But I know a secret weapon.

Storelli Sports is the only brand dedicated to creating innovative injury-preventing performance gear for soccer players of all ages, genders and positions. We decided to try the BodyShield Field Player Sliders and the BodyShield Leg Sleeves.

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The BodyShield Field Player Sliders are perfect for avoiding abrasion related injuries on a number of surfaces, from the best kept grass fields in the world, to lush artificial turf, to some of the hardest soccer conditions out there. The Field Player Sliders fit providing support, compression, and protection in just the right areas.


The sliders are designed for protection and lightweight mobility while incorporating innovative foam technology that protects during tackles or slides without hindering movement. My son likes that they are lightweight, yet still provide good protection. He actually fell and rolled on the turf in a game this weekend and he was glad to be wearing his BodyShield Sliders.

The BodyShield Leg Sleeves protect the area on the side of the leg not covered by the shin guards. My son likes wearing these under his shinguards and soccer socks. It prevents the constant rubbing of the shin guard against his skin.

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Storelli has recently signed Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas and Chelsea FC player Oscar as global ambassadors the brand. I’ve been a big fan of performance gear for years now, and discovered that Storelli is the only brand dedicated to preventing sports injuries in their performance gear for all ages of soccer players.

If anyone in your family plays soccer, definitely check out Storelli for performance and protection. Be sure to use the discount code “BURN15” when you shop.

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  1. Casey says:

    Definitely a great choice for caring moms. Sometimes those little details are ignored by many, especially recognizing that soccer is a contact sport. Little things they will surely appreciate when they become adults.

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