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Self Improvement: Creating a Pattern for Success

self improvement pattern for success

Self Improvement: Creating a Pattern for Success

If you want to create a pattern of success in your life, you need to create a pattern used by many successful people. These people are not typically any smarter, stronger or faster than you. The difference is that they follow through. Don’t sit on the sidelines and let others pass you by. Consider the following tips to create a pattern for success in your life.

Become a Goal Setting Expert

Setting goals is the easy part, achieving the goals is the challenge. Take larger goals and break them down into smaller steps. Write them down and maybe even create a “vision board” so you have a visual representation of what you want to achieve.

Schedule Everything

How often do you skip an appointment when it is on your schedule? Not very often, right? We need to do the same thing with our personal goals. Schedule in time to make an effort toward your goals. For example, I tend to skip a workout if I don’t formally schedule it into my day. The same can be said for anything you want to achieve. Don’t wait until you want to do it or “feel” like doing it. Do it on schedule.

Automate and Delegate

Are there time sucks in your life that can be automated? For example, can you pay bills with auto payments? Can you have weekly groceries delivered? Are their chores you can delegate to other family members. Think of the time you will have when you free yourself to focus on your goals.

Seek Out Successful Mentors

Consulting others who have completed similar goals can be very helpful to your success. I’ve spoken with successful athletes and bloggers to get inspiration for my goals. Seek out those who have achieved what you want to do. They can be extremely helpful in sharing their own successes and challenges to help guide you in the right direction.

Never Stop Learning

Always seek out knowledge. It is all around us. Attend a class, workshop or seminar. Anything that can help you learn more about achieving your goals will help you.

Track and Evaluate

Keep track of your goals. Track your progress. Repeat what is working and adjust what is not. Consider daily, weekly and monthly evaluations to set you on track to complete your goals.

Do you have tips for achieving your goals?

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