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Share an #HonestCompliment – Honest Tea Twitter Party

Honest Tea Twitter Party

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for a year on a good compliment.” There are a lot of messages being shared out there, and very few of them positive – the folks at Honest Tea are hoping to change that with a simple, honest compliment. They believe in the power of words and that a little encouragement can go a long way.

To prep for our Twitter party (I’m a co-host) Honest Tea surveyed over 2,400 people across the country to get a feel for how our community thinks about compliments. Whether it’s receiving, giving, and just about everything in between! Honest Tea’s hope in 2014 is not to simply pursue physical wellness, but wellness of mind and spirit, starting with paying it forward with an honest compliment.

#honestcompliment Infographic

I love that other than a family member, we value compliments from random strangers. Share some compliments with people you don’t know. It’s easy! Yesterday, I told the checker at the grocery store that I love her new haircut. I told the front door attendant at school that her sweater was really nice. Give it a try!

We hope you’ll come join us for our Twitter party on Thursday 1/23 from 8-9pm EST. I’ll be hosting questions #6. Participants can win great prizes with every question throughout the party. My prize will be a 30-day supply of Honest Kids. We love these in our house!

Honest Tea Twitter Party #honestcompliment

We hope you’ll join us for this great Twitter party where you can win some great prizes from Honest Tea too! Here is more info on the Honest Tea Blog. Follow the hashtag #honestcompliment.

What is your favorite sort of compliment? Have you given an honest compliment lately? Tell us about it.

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