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Sports Injury Protection for Young Athletes

tips for injury prevention in young athletes

Initially, I was glad that my son chose to play soccer instead of football or hockey thinking that he would be safer. I figure it was not a “contact sport.” As he gets older and all of the boys get bigger, there is more risk for injury. Only recently, have I become more aware of the safety choices available to soccer players.

While we can’t keep our young athletes injury free all the time, we can certainly make every effort to provide them with the tools to stay safe and healthy. After all, #INJURIESSUCK! and can leave your child on the sideline when they really want to be playing. Here are some tips to help keep your young athletes safe and minimize the chance for injuries.

Proper Physical Condition

Your child should have a physical specifically focused on their sport to make sure they are in proper health to succeed.

Know and Follow the Rules

Kids should have a solid understanding of the rules of their sport and abide by these rules.

Warm up properly

Warming up is very important to help prevent injuries. Your body is more prone to injury if your muscles are not warmed up and ready to preform and higher levels.

Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated is key regardless of the outside temperature. Dehydration can lead to muscle spasms, cramps, dizziness and more.

Protective Gear

Wear appropriate protective gear and know how to use it properly. I was excited to find out about the soccer gear provided by Storelli Sports. They products have intelligent design and lightness, my son says their shin guards (BodyShield LegGuard 2.0) are the most comfortable he has every tried.

tips for injury prevention in young athletes

I think sports injury protection helps build confidence too. My son was hesitant to head the ball before he tried this Storelli ExoShield Head Guard. He thinks he looks cool too! I feel better knowing that his head is better protected too.

Be sure to check out all the soccer gear that Storelli Sports offers and use code INJURIESSUCK20 for 20% off your purchases for the next 3 weeks. 

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