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Summer Eats and Treats Perfect for the Backyard

When you think about the words “outdoor eats” what comes to mind? You likely think of ice cream, burgers, pizza, and other tasty foods. You also probably associate your backyard or patio with your summer eats.

I’m the same way. We love to chow down in the backyard, and today, I’ve got some great summer eats and treats that are perfect for enjoying at home.

5 Ideas for Outdoor Summer Eats

My picks for tasty summer eats cover all the things we love about summer. Tasty crisp rice treats, ice cream, and of course, burgers and pizza – both made with vegetarian protein options. They’re the perfect pairing for a warm summer day on the deck or patio.


Let’s start with ice cream, one of the most classic summer eats and treats. If you’re like me, the one thing you don’t like about ice cream in the summer is how fast it melts. With BOWLZ, that doesn’t happen. You can actually turn the Bowlz upside down and the ice cream doesn’t come out. That is even a spoon stuck in my ice cream. Crazy, right?

These are literally the best ice cream bowls ever. They use “Cold Stays Cold” double walled, vacuum sealed, stainless steel construction on their bowls to ensure that your ice cream stays ice cream while you eat it instead of it turning into cold soup.

These bowls are great for ice cream, smoothie bowls, frozen yogurt, and other tasty frozen treats. They keep stuff warm too, great for fall and winter soups.

Right now, my readers can get a special secret offer from BOWLZ to save 32% off their order!

Meatless Meat Lover’s Pizza

You’re probably immediately asking yourself how you can have a meatless meat lover’s pizza. Let me assure you, you can! I used Pure Farmland Simply Seasoned Plant-Based Protein Starters to pile on the “meat”.

What I love about Pure Farmland is that their meat alternatives are seasoned just right to make going meatless super tasty. That’s important to me because it’s hard to get the carnivores in my family to go meatless for any reason.

The pizza came out so good. Every member of the family ate it with zero complaints. They actually asked for more. That’s what summer eats are all about!

Meatless Burgers

I went with Pure Farmland and used their Simply Seasoned Plant-Based Burger Patties to make our backyard burgers a little healthier. Again, I came away a big winner, even my husband, the consumate burger eater, really loved the flavor of the patties.

A Note About Pure Farmland

There are so many meatless alternatives out there. You might be wondering why I chose this company. It’s because they do so much more than make delicious meat alternatives.

To start, they make them healthier, using no gluten or dairy, and making them with complete soy protein for a complete amino acid profile.

In addition, they take care of the environment, making their packaging using over 50% recycled material. They’ve also launched the Pure Growth Project, an initiative and grant project that supports communicty gardens.

They also have an ongoing commitement to protecting American farmlands. For every purchase, Pure Farmland donates the cost of protecting 1 square foot of farmland through the American Farmland Trust.

Tuttorosso Petite Diced Tomatoes

You might not think of diced tomatoes when you think of summer eats, but they’re actually an amazing addition to many of your summer favorites. Tuttorosso Petite Diced Tomatoes are the perfect addition to guac (just drain them really well first), salsa, and even baked beans to give them a little twist.

I used Tuttorosso Petite Diced Tomatoes in a tasty, Italian-inspired pasta salad. The pure tomato flavor and the Italian spices were the perfect compliment to the other flavors. It made for a delicious backyard treat that wasn’t too heavy but still packed with flavor.

In addition to their taste, what I love about Tuttorosso is how healthy they are. They are sustainably produced, non-GMO, and steam-sealed at the peak of freshness. The cans are also non-BPA lined, so you get a great tomato taste with no weird “can” taste.


Finally, we have SMASHCRISPY DIPPED from SMASHMALLOW. These are the absolute perfect backyard treat because the kids can eat them on the go. They’re a new take on the classic crispy rice treats that we’ve always loved.

SMASHCRISPY DIPPED from SMASHMALLOW combines the crisp, chewy, gooey texture of crispy rice treats and a generous coating of chocolatey goodness on the outside to create the ultimate in summer eats and treats.

Even better than their taste is how they’re made. They’re made in a peanut-free facility, made with non-GMO and naturally gluten-free ingredients, and they’re free of the big eight allergens. That means that everyone can enjoy these treats with no worries! Perfect since my son has a nut allergy.

These Outdoor Eats and Treats are the Best

From pizza and burgers to ice cream and crispy, gooey, chocolatey treats, these summer time foods make backyard time better than its ever been. I hope you try making a meatless pizza or just enjoy ice cream that doesn’t melt while you eat it.

Whether you’re grilling or just relaxing by the pool, these summer eats will make any day the best day. So give them a try!

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    I love eating ice cream outside, but I really need that great bowl to keep it from melting.

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