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Raising The First Sun-Safe Generation with #MimicMommy

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena® as part of an influencer activation for The Motherhood. 

If you are not thinking about skin cancer risks when it comes to your kids, THINK AGAIN! Despite all we know about preventing skin cancer, it continues to be a health crisis in America. Did you know that more than 350 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every hour? That is just staggering to me. Even just one or two bad sunburns as a child almost doubles the risk of skin cancer.

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Educate Your Kids

Having skin cancer in the family also increases your risk. My father has had melanoma and I have had some small pre-cancerous areas removed. This makes me super careful about my family’s skin. I’ve chatted with my kids so they know about the risks, but I also show them how I practice sun safety every day by using sunscreen.

It’s important to start sun safety education early so that it becomes second nature for your kids. Spread the word and help educate your friends and family. Bring extra sunscreen with you to ball games and the park to help other kids who may have forgotten. It’s good to have some on hand to re-apply too, which you should to about every two hours or even sooner if you are sweating a lot or have been in the water.

Follow #MimicMommy to help raise the first sun safe generation

Have Your Kids #MimicMommy

The folks at Neutrogena are leading a call to action for moms to use sunscreen in front of their kids to demonstrate the importance of daily sunscreen use so that kids will #MimicMommy to protect their own skin. To set the right example, I always make sure my kids see me applying sunscreen on myself first and then, have them #MimicMommy. Of course I help them with hard to reach areas or when they miss a spot.

Follow #MimicMommy to help raise the first sun safe generation

Follow #MimicMommy to help raise the first sun safe generation

Neutrogena is launching the #MimicMommy MOVEment, to rally moms to help change skin cancer statistics and raise the first generation of sun-safe children. Neutrogena teamed up YouTube stars the Holderness Family to encourage all to get up and DANCE their way to sun protected skin. Check out how in the new video here: The #MimicMommy Dance. To help support this important cause, Neutrogena will donate $10K to the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation.

We were inspired to create a video of our own.

Together, let’s create the first sun-safe generation

I really love the Neutrogena Sunscreen Products. I especially like the  Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen. It provides excellent skin protection from harsh summer elements and is clinically proven to help defend the signs of sun damage.

Follow #MimicMommy to help raise the first sun safe generation

My kids love the Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray provides because it’s a lightweight, fast absorbing mist, which is ideal for my active family. More about these products

  • Prolonged contact of the skin with water makes the skin more susceptible to UV rays. Formulated with HELIOPLEX® Technology, the sunscreens form a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protective barrier that is clinically proven to help skin defend against harsh summer elements
  • Water resistant (80 minutes)
  • Lightweight, fast absorbing
  • Oil free, PABA free

Follow #MimicMommy to help raise the first sun safe generation

Especially for the face and other “hot spots” like neck, back and shoulders, I like to use Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Lotion for my kids.

  • Powered by 100% Zinc Sunscreen Ingredients with the Highest Level of Zinc Oxide* for Superior Broad Spectrum Protection
  • Mild even on sensitive skin, clinically shown to be as gentle as waterSuitable for use on sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and free of fragrance, parabens, oils, phthalates and dyes

I encourage your to visit the Neutrogena website to learn more and purchase your favorite product.

Follow #MimicMommy to help raise the first sun safe generation

Giveaway – Win a #MimicMommy Sunscreen Kit

Win a #MimicMommy sunscreen kit, including select sunscreen products for the family! Just Leave a comment (and don’t forget your email) and you are automatically entered. I will use to select a winner.

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  1. Hempsoft says:

    Thanks for sharing great article about Neutrogena sunscreen Neutrogena dermatologist tested i am also using Neutrogena product in my daily life.

  2. Nannypanpan says:

    My pediatrician recommended neutrogena for my kids

  3. Fits Slow Cooker Queen says:

    Skin cancer runs in my family and some of the kids are allergic to some sunscreen brands. We love using Neutrogena brand sunscreen!

  4. Crystal says:

    I have to admit, I have a terrible time remembering sunblock for my kids. Luckily, though, my kids are on top of it and happy to remind me.

  5. Zwitsal says:

    Nice post! Will keep an eye on this product! I wish I could join but it’s not available!

  6. Amanda says:

    Neutronen is definitely one of my favorite beauty brands. I haven’t tried their sunscreen in a while…I will definitely have to pick some up!

  7. My Teen Guide says:

    Neutrogena has been in my family for years. We love their products. I love their facial cleansers. It really takes away the dirt and excess oil. I will have to get some of that sunscreen. My kids are always outdoors nowadays!

  8. Kiwi says:

    Great post. It seems like each summer the sun is getting hotter and hotter so making sure skin and the family skin is protected is a must!

  9. I love my Neutrogena beauty products and now I’m super excited to try this sunscreen.

  10. Jenn says:

    I have had several family members battle skin cancer. It is awful. I have been using this brand for years, and love their skin care products. When it comes to being in the sun, they one to trust.

  11. The sun sure can be very harsh. It is great that we have sunscreens to protect us.

  12. Pam says:

    I have always told my kids how important sunscreen is. Now my daughter is being proactive and always making sure her own daughter is wearing sunblock.

  13. Jenny says:

    I really wished my mom would have protected our skin back in the day. Now I am covered in freckles and have random moles. Some that I should probably get checked out. Sunscreen is important!!

  14. It’s so important that we educate them about using sunscreen especially during the summer. These are awesome tips and it’s a great guide for parents as well.

  15. It’s so important to teach kids about proper protection from the suns UV rays. Reapplying often when at the beach or pool is also crucial.

  16. Sherry says:

    We like to use the sunscreen spray since it makes it easier to apply. My father-in-law has had skin cancer.

  17. Stacie says:

    Protecting our skin from the sun is so important. I didn’t realize the stats for skin cancer were so high.

  18. I love these products and have several of them in the house. I’ll have to pick up their sunscreen!

  19. Abigail says:

    I’m a big Neutrogena fan for both myself and my family!

  20. lisa says:

    I am a sunscreen freak for my kids. They all have such fair skin that I make sure they’re covered all the time. And I love how Neutrogena smells.

  21. d schmidt says:

    We have been looking for a new suncare brand to try, this definitely sounds like one to try!

  22. Marcie W. says:

    Proper sun protection is absolutely vital and teaching kids these habits from an early age is a great idea. I love the Neutrogena line since their products never irritate my sensitive skin.

  23. latanya says:

    I like using their products for my suncare needs

  24. Brianne says:

    Yes to this! Sunscreen is more important than ever! I never leave home without it, especially for my kiddies!

  25. robin rue says:

    I have been using Neutrogena products for many years. I have always been happy with them and they are definitely a brand I trust.

  26. Making sure you are sun safe is such a big thing! I have to admit I’ve not stocked up on any sunscreen this year yet but I really must!

  27. I’ve got an appointment in July to have a basal cell carcinoma taken off. Skin cancer is so much more prevalent now. I definitely use sunscreen, but sometimes it just sweats off. I’ll try this kind!

  28. Dawn Lopez says:

    Sunscreen is SO important that it’s one of the first things I pack for events and pool trips. Neutrogena makes really awesome skincare products!

  29. Tess says:

    I have used this brand for years. They make a ton of good products.

  30. Elizabeth Lampman says:

    I am looking for a new sunscreen for my family. I will have to pick up some Neutrogena sunscreen to try this weekend for our trip to the beach.

  31. Claudia Krusch says:

    Neutrogena is the only sunscreen I will use. I have very sensitive skin and it does not bother me at all.

  32. Shauna says:

    I am constantly putting sunscreen on my kids because I agree that skin cancer is no joke.

  33. Connie says:

    I love your mimic mommy idea. My kids don’t leave the house without sunscreen.

  34. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Protecting my kid’s skin from sun damage is one of my biggest priorities. I make them wear hats and use natural sunscreen products.

  35. `Kathy says:

    I love Neutrogena products. I actually use one of their sunscreens for my youngest daughter. I have to be careful what I use for her since she has eczema. Neutrogena has one product that works great for her.

  36. Jenna Wood says:

    This is such a cute idea and that video is awesome- I’ll have to check out more of their content. We are really particular about suncare here- we definitely don’t take chances with anyone in the family!

  37. Sarah says:

    I love Neutrogena products, but I have never tried their sunscreen. All of the chemicals in sunscreen always make me steer clear of them. I can’t wait to try Neutrogena’s.

  38. Sunscreen is so important. We’ve been pushing our kids to wear sunscreen since they were old enough to go anywhere in the sun.

  39. TColeman says:

    These look like great products even for kids. Neutrogena has always been my favorite as an adult.

  40. Jeanette says:

    I slather my kiddo! He has not been burn a day in his life (well except for the time he was with hubby and hubby forgot to put it on him! This is SOOO important!

  41. robin rue says:

    I have used Neutrogena products for years!!! I have always been happy with them 🙂

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