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Zaggora Hot Pants Review

Update: I’m reviewing the Zaggora 2.0 Hot Pants too. Check out this review here. I’m sure you have heard about them by now. Zaggora Women’s Hotpants are a HOT item in the press. After seeing the product on Good Morning America, I reached out to Zaggora to see if I might try a pair. I …

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Fat Burning Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Staying slim requires eating satisfying snacks that keep hunger away. Key ingredients in these cookies include: Cinnamon to keep your blood sugar in check, slow-digesting protein from cottage cheese paired with faster-digesting whey protein powder to steadily suppress appetite, whole wheat flour for energy-revving B vitamins, oats for their anti-inflammatory polyphenols and beta-glucan, which along with healthy fats from walnuts promote a feeling of fullness that subdues cravings. We all crave sweets, so the way I look at it is, why not put something in our bodies that will actually do some good!

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5 Easy Ways to Lose 5 Pounds

Weight loss success is often found in a series of simple lifestyle changes. This is where you change a few key factors about what you eat and how you exercise, without making it a full time job. This type of weight loss is gradual and permanent, since you are able to maintain it long term. Here are some ideas for small lifestyle changes that can really make a difference.

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