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The Perfect Prescription for Weight Loss

Prescription for weight loss
Only time for a quick post today. I just saw a terrific ad for a local doctor. He was talking about how he had the perfect prescription for weight loss. Of course, it grabbed my interest. Then, I LOVED that he said it was not a magic pill or an overnight treatment. It was EXERCISE. Here’s to a doc telling it like it is! What is a diet or weight loss myth you would like to debunk? Share it in a comment.

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  1. mel says:

    Funny!!! You need to work at a healthy lifestyle. It is not a magical pill, although I wish it was,lol!

  2. Ha, that is a pretty awesome ad from the doc!

  3. So true! It is not a quick fix, just like everything in life – you need to work for it!

  4. mel says:

    A quick fix will get you know where fast,lol. I agree eating right and working out is a winning combination!!

  5. Lena says:

    Drinking too much water can be bad for you – drives me insane since most people don’t even come close to drink too much water

  6. i just did a turbokick class today!! feels good!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. That’s funny! Also, don’t put so much food in your mouth and don’t drink so much!

  8. I think exercise and eating right is really important. I always thought I was pretty fit, but when I started working out regularly and spoke with a nutritionist, my body totally changed (for the better). It made a huge difference in my strength, stability, and energy, and totally toned me up. What was great about it was that the plan was tailor fit to my needs, instead of just some fad diet or trendy exercise. That, I think, is the true key.

  9. What a smart doctor! And it’s nice to see a doctor actually say it straight instead of trying to push a new pill on you.

  10. Jenna Wood says:

    I have a friend who just began an expensive weekly meal program, but does not intend to alter his lifestyle in any other way; it amazes me the lengths people will go to trim a few pounds with as little effort as possible!

  11. Amber says:

    It still amazes me how many people think the key to ultimate weight loss rests in a quick fix program that does not change their lifestyle habits at all.

  12. Patty says:

    I struggled most of my life, then I got sick and went through medications that either made me gain weight or lose weight.

    Sometimes it’s not laziness but a medication.

    Exercise is necessary to general good health but I think a combination of healthy eating an exercise is necessary but still might not lead to weight loss depending on a person’s metabolism.

  13. Bre Dale says:

    So smart! I feel like sensa cannot be good for anyone, sprinkle on powder to lose weight? nah!!

  14. Sarah MomRunningonEmpty says:

    Weight loss is so specific to each different person! It drives me crazy when people take a pill or powder or magic combo with the goal of getting skinny rather than creating a healthy lifestyle!!!

  15. MIZ says:

    and even with the exercise it is so so so not one size fits all as so so so many docs think.

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