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The Perfect Prescription for Weight Loss

Prescription for weight loss
Only time for a quick post today. I just saw a terrific ad for a local doctor. He was talking about how he had the perfect prescription for weight loss. Of course, it grabbed my interest. Then, I LOVED that he said it was not a magic pill or an overnight treatment. It was EXERCISE. Here’s to a doc telling it like it is! What is a diet or weight loss myth you would like to debunk? Share it in a comment.

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Thursday 2nd of May 2013

Funny!!! You need to work at a healthy lifestyle. It is not a magical pill, although I wish it was,lol!

Paula Robinson

Thursday 25th of April 2013

Ha, that is a pretty awesome ad from the doc!

Jodi @ A Mom Having Fun

Wednesday 24th of April 2013

So true! It is not a quick fix, just like everything in life - you need to work for it!


Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

A quick fix will get you know where fast,lol. I agree eating right and working out is a winning combination!!


Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

Drinking too much water can be bad for you - drives me insane since most people don't even come close to drink too much water

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