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6 Active Things to do in Atlanta with Kids

Do you love to stay active and have fun when you travel? Atlanta is the perfect place! There are so many things to do in Atlanta with kids that it’s hard to narrow down the list. It’s also easy to stay active and have fun. I live here and I love it. I’m constantly discovering new things to see and do. Atlanta has something for everybody.

Make a Plan

I recommend making a plan before you go, and being flexible because sometimes plans change. Do what’s best for your family. Each and every time you find ways to stay active and have fun, you grow. At the same time, challenging yourself in new and uncomfortable ways may help you grow in other areas of life too. Get your journal and calendars to make a plan.

There are over 400,000 people living within the city limits. Atlanta is great to live in, and great to visit. Atlanta is home to Piedmont Park, National Center for Civil & Human Rights, and the Georgia Aquarium. – some of my favorites. It’s called “Hollywood of the South”, and it’s home to Tyler Perry Studios.

The city has many diverse neighborhoods you may stay in when you visit. I live in Buckhead and love it. I walk almost everywhere or jump on the train. It’s very walkable here in this part of Atlanta, and public transportation friendly.

Stay Near Marta

Marta, or Atlanta’s subway line, goes directly into the airport so it’s super convenient. A great way to stay active and explore Atlanta, GA is to stay near a Marta stop. For example, you may access CNN Center, Aquarium, and Piedmont Park from Marta.  I often stay at Airbnb’s where I go and there are plenty in Atlanta. When you experience a city on foot and with locals, it’s a whole new experience.

6 Active Things to Do with Kids in Atlanta

1. Visit Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a great way to get active and have fun. One of my recent experiences was renting an electric scooter with Lyft and going all around the park! There are many activities you and your family can enjoy in the park. This is a great place for a family picnic.

For example, Piedmont Park hosts a Green Market every Saturday, free yoga classes monthly for those that love flow, and high-intensity classes too.

Into music? Every year, the city hosts Jazz fest around the end of May. A few years ago they hosted huge bouncy balls you fit in. It was quite a workout let me tell you. Even if you walk around the park and the water, you will get your sweat on. You could do some of these super cool ideas at the park too.

2. Walk on Beltline

Do you love to walk outdoors? Are you a fan of street art? Want to run into not one, but two food markets on your walk? Then, you will love taking a walk on Atlanta Beltline. Atlanta Beltline is one of the largest, most wide-ranging urban programs in the United States transforming a city. The easiest way is to walk right across Monroe from Piedmont Park to where the Beltline starts there at the corner of Piedmont.

One of my favorite walls with pink, blue and yellow is right there under the overpass when you walk through. As you walk about a quarter-mile or so (or take a scooter!), you’ll run into Ponce City Market. Its a recently developed historic building in Atlanta, with shopping, food hall and a fun rooftop!.  You could grab a freshly squeezed juice at one of my favorites Lucky Lotus or grab a bite at Marrakesh, the Mediterranean inspired spot.

The Ponce City Rooftop has ice skating in the winter and games and activities in the spring and summer like yoga. Another great way to stay active and have fun is to rent a bike from Ponce City Market and cruise up and down the Beltline in style. You will get a workout in and there’s more to see up and down the Beltline, plus the Krog Street Tunnel and Market. This is a great spot for epic Instagrammable shots.

Photo credit: Shoot the Hooch

3. Shoot the Hooch

Are you ready for more adventure? Have you ever gone tubing or kayaking down a river? If you haven’t, this may be great for you to do here in Atlanta. Shoot the Hooch offers raft, canoe, kayak, tube and stand up paddleboards for rent along the Chattahoochee River.  This is a great way to stay active, have fun, and try something new. I’ve been in other cities, but not in Atlanta yet so it’s on my list too in case you want a buddy!

4. Bamboo Forest

Bamboo in Atlanta? Yes, there is a Bamboo forest in Atlanta right by the Chattahoochee River. I knew when I moved to Atlanta that it was known to be a city beneath the trees. However, I was just as surprised as you are by a bamboo forest in Atlanta.

It’s off the East Palisades Trail and well worth the visit. There are two parking lots nearby. I visited before and loved it. From the parking to the forest, it took me about 30 minutes. However, at the time there was no blog post to help direct me. I did it the old school way and asked people along the way.

5. Dive into Aquarium

Last, but definitely not least is Dive into the Aquarium. Sure, you could visit the Georgia Aquarium, the biggest aquarium in the world by the way. Wouldn’t you love a journey with gentle giants? Imagine swimming with rays, whales, sharks and more. They have several animal encounters. I’m also a scuba diver so I love the water.

I’ve visited the aquarium at least three times. Simply visiting it is amazing. They are open 365 days a year, have incredible exhibits, and there is plenty of things to do. I love touching the starfish!

6. Get a ClassPass

Have you tried ClassPass yet? It’s a fitness app that gives you access to fitness studio boutique classes all around the globe. You may get free access when you first join to try it out. Then, you can choose different credit packs depending on what you want. They have studios signed up in Atlanta, around the US, and around the world. If you have tweens and teens, many classes are appropriate for them as well.

It gives you a fun way to mix up your workouts. For example, I love to lift weights and do fitness shows so I have a membership at LA Fitness. However, I love to dance and do yoga and boxing. It would make no sense at all to have 4 different memberships. So, I have two ClassPass accounts and I add in about 2-4 different fitness experiences. I’ve done over 125 classes with ClassPass in less than 4 years.

In case you are in Atlanta when it’s cold, these workout motivation tips will help you get started too.

Have Fun in Atlanta with Kids

See, there are so many fun things to do in Atlanta with Kids. These six ways will get you started. Depending on how long you stay, they can keep you busy or be just right to stay active and have a great visit.

Imagine how you would feel with 1, 3, or 7 of these ways to stay active in Atlanta. What is your favorite way? Tag a friend you would love to bring with you to Atlanta.

If you want more tips on staying active while you travel and eating healthy, you will love these smoothie bowls.

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