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Tips to Save Money on Energy Bills

tips to save money on energy bills

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to save money. Here are some easy tips to save money on energy bills.

Do the Double Check

Before you leave the house or go to bed, check to make sure that all unnecessary lights and electrical devices are turned off. Did you know that even leaving the cable box on can cost nearly $20 a year. That is only one small device. Think of how much you can save if you turn off many more each day.

Cool it Down

Many water heaters are set too high and waste money. A heater set to 140 or higher can increase energy costs by over $60 a year. Try setting your water heater at 120 instead.

Run a Tight Ship

Think of your home as a boat that needs to be water tight. You don’t want any unwanted cold air creeping in to increase your heating costs. You can purchase inexpensive foam or caulk at your local hardware store to seal cracks and gaps around windows and doors.

Become a Programmer

Invest in a programmable thermostat. Prices have come down significantly for this energy saving product. You can find them for about $25 for entry-level models. You can program these to automatically set the target temperature in your home. Pay attention to when your family is not at home to set temps higher in summer and lower in winter. Don’t forget to adjust for bedtime too. When you are under warm blankets at night, you don’t need the heat as high. This can save you nearly $200 a year.

Make the Switch

Another way we can save on our energy bill is by shopping around for the best rates. We just found out about great services offered from Direct Energy. They provide great rates for those living in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, and Massachusetts areas. With Direct Energy customers in Massachusetts save up to 30%* over National Grid MA’s electricity rate, and up to 8%* over Eversource’s electricity rate. That can really add up over a year.

Have other tips for saving on energy bills? Share in a comment. 

*All savings refers to the current difference between Direct Energy’s fixed rate offer and the Utility’s current Fixed Rate for Basic Service as of January 8, 2016, and does not include any other component of the electricity bill. Utility rates are subject to change and there may be no savings following the respective official utility rate change date. Direct Energy’s fixed rates include electricity supply charges only and excludes delivery/transmission charges, taxes, and all other utility-related charges. Offer is limited and valid for new residential customers only.

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