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Transitioning to Online Learning – Tips to Make it Easier

Transitioning to online learning is on almost every parent’s radar by now. Whether you’ve decided to make the leap, or you’re just toying with the idea, there’s a lot to research.

What are the differences between the two? When can you make the switch? How can you make the process easier? There are several things to consider about transitioning to online learning, and we’re talking about them today.

Tips for Transitioning to Online Learning

There are three major things to consider when thinking about moving to online learning. You need to know the difference between the two. You need to know when you can make the move. Finally, it’s important to help your children move from public school to online learning.

Homeschooling vs. Online Learning

There’s a big misunderstanding among a lot of parents about what online learning is. Many parents tend to think that online learning is just another way of talking about homeschooling, but they are actually two entirely different things.

In homeschooling, parents do the teaching. They research curriculums, create lesson plans, plan enrichment activities, and more. They are the teachers.

Online learning is different. In the online learning setting, kids are taught by actual teachers, with parents serving as learning coaches. That means that although parents take a more active role in their children’s learning process, they do not plan curriculums and the like.

You can find out even more about the difference between homeschooling and online learning here.

When Can Students Begin Transitioning to Online Learning

Transitioning to online learning can be done almost any time of year, depending on the circumstances. Although most parents make the move to online learning at the beginning of the year, many do it mid-year, and some even do it at other times depending on their specific situation.

You can find more information on when you can transition your children to online learning here. You’ll also find links on deciding if virtual school is right for you and your children.

How to Help Kids Transition to Online Learning

Online learning offers more freedom for kids, and for many, it makes for a better learning experience. However, transitioning to online learning can be difficult for some kids.

In a traditional school setting, there are no distractions. However, at home, ALL the distractions are there and available. There is also a different vibe for many kids because there is no “official” classroom. At least in the beginning.

It’s important to help kids make the transition to online learning by establishing a routine, learning how to use the technology they’ll need for lessons, giving them a little distance so they can learn, and more.

You’ll find 15 great tips on helping kids with transitioning to online learning here.

Transitioning to Online Learning Could be Great for Your Kids

Transitioning to online learning could be just the thing for your kids. It’s a way for them to learn in the comfort of their own home while still receiving a top-rated education and saving you the hassle of preparing lesson plans.

The tips listed above and the links that go along with them will help you decide if online learning is right for your kids, and if you do, they’ll help you make transitioning to online learning easier.

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