Travel Essentials – Kelly Moore Bag – Review and Giveaway

What is on your list of travel essentials? I’ve found a new must-have item. It’s the Kelly Moore Bag. Kelly solved the need for busy moms like me who often had to carry purses, diaper bags, camera bags and more. Finding nothing on the market to satisfy her needs, she decided to create one bag that could do it all.


I was given the opportunity to try the Libby bag and I LOVE IT!!! This bag is named after Kelly’s friend Libby who tested the bag for 9 months to help make it the best it can be. I recently took this bag on a trip to the Bahamas. It was perfect to keep me organized. It easily carried everything I needed each day. I love that there are adjustable compartments and that it’s eco-friendly vegan leather.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.47.44 AM

Kelly Moore has bags for women, men, professional photographers, students, bags that will carry cameras and lenses, laptops, iPads, baby gear, and just about anything else you can dream up to put in your bag! They say “We create beautiful bags that will protect your stuff and will keep you organized.” I totally agree! Here are some ideas of how you might organize the Libby bag:


I used a combination similar to the top photo with my camera, laptop, drinks, books, etc. Probably the best way to see the Libby bag in action is through Kelly’s video. Check it out!

I found it extremely helpful and versatile throughout my trip. I was able to easily organize flip flops, towels, cameras, my phone, sunglasses, books and more. I never had to dig in the bag to find something. It sat atop by carry on bag so that it easily rolled through the airport as well. Here are some more details:

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.49.30 AMInside specs: 

  • 1 – laptop divider – Will hold up to a 15″ laptop
  • 5- padded, removable, adjustable dividers
  • Exterior walls & bottom of the bag are padded


  • 2 – over the shoulder straps(11″ height)
  • 1 – removable long messenger strap ( up to 56″)
  • Made of water resistant, man-made materials
  • Black/Lavender/Sapphire/Grey – Silver Hardware, Caramel/Kelly Green/Orange – Antiqued Brass Hardware
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Shoulder Pad
  • Will hold up to a 10″ lens
  • Will hold a pro body or standard body with grip
  • Will hold a camera body with lens attached

Giveaway Time!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 12.24.51 PM

I’m so excited to offer my readers a chance to win this wonderful bag. Believe me, you are going to love it! Simply enter the Rafflecopter and hop around to the other great giveaways too. This giveaway hop is hosted by the wonderful gals at The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. Good luck!

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What are your travel essentials?

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Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 20 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her goal is to inspire other moms and families to live happy and healthy lives.

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  1. Kayley

    I like the Jude bag because it’s spacious and looks classy.

    1. Sara

      I like little surprise bag purple

  2. Cheryl

    My favorite is the Westminster Hobo.

  3. Kim Henrichs

    Oooh, I love that Kate bag!!

  4. beverly e

    I like the Evangeline bag in black. It’s very sleek and stylish!

  5. Katherine Riley

    I like the Jude bag – it looks like it can hold my knitting 🙂

  6. Kris I.

    I love the Riverdale bag!

  7. angela cunningham

    the Jude bag

  8. Mary Beth Elderton

    I love the Westminster Hobo! I gave my daughter a Kelly Moore bag as a high school graduation gift to use while in college. These bags are truly versatile enough to use for anything. Now I wish I owned one :/

  9. Will G

    I like Jude.

  10. Randi S

    I love the Woodstock Backpack

  11. Amanda Heck

    So in Love with the Weetminster Hobo!!!

  12. missy wilber

    I like the Oxford.

  13. Adrienne Gordon

    I like the Jude

  14. Darlene Owen

    Another bag I love is the Westminster Hobo

  15. Kat Meller

    I am really liking the Westminster Hobo. I think it looks striking even though it is a larger size without being “bulky”

  16. Diana Camden

    I love the Ruston in red. My favorite.

  17. Stacey Roberson

    I also love the Evangeline bag.

  18. Ellen Casper

    I love the Trenton backpack.

  19. Soha Molina

    I like the Austin.

  20. Hannah C

    I really like the Woodstock Backpack.

  21. Rajeeva

    the monroe bag

  22. Daryl Walsh

    I like the looks of the Pilot Backpack. Good luck everyone.

  23. Leanne Humberstone

    The Ruston bag is gorgeous

  24. Tari Lawson

    I really like the Ruston bag in rose.

  25. Vicki Wurgler

    I picked the westminster hobo in nappa maple

  26. Stephanie Phelps

    I also love the Woodstock Backpack, They are all so wonderful!

  27. Margaret Smith

    My favorite is the Ruston bag.

  28. Natalie

    I really like the Westminster Hobo bag!

  29. Stacy Bauer

    I’m in love with The Augusta in the color Saddle! I watched the video presentation and love it even more! Lots of room for my camera, iPad and beauty essentials! It’s truly the perfect every day bag!

  30. Julia Barnes

    I like the Evangeline bag.

  31. Edye

    I love the Austin bag 🙂

  32. Mary Cloud

    I also love the Ruston bag

  33. Richard Hicks

    I think the orange Libby bag is nice looking

  34. Kelly Kimmell

    I really like the Augusta bag, has a nice style.

  35. suzanne

    I love the Westminster Hobo.

  36. latanya

    I like the Luna

  37. nickie

    I like the Evangeline bag

  38. Marti Tabora

    I really love the Ruston bag in rose, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and would love to have one.

  39. Marty Crosson

    I love the Trenton backback. Leather is always classic,

  40. Brigitte Bauman

    I love the Westminster Hobo bag. I think will be able to use it every where as well as put everything I need in it.

  41. Pam

    I also like the Augusta style.

  42. Hargow Wong

    I love the Riverdale.

  43. Jessica Sage

    I love the ruston bag

  44. Margaret H

    I like the Jude bag

  45. Lauren

    I like the Ruston bag.

  46. Dagmar

    I love the Riverdale

  47. Janeane Davis

    I like the way the interior portion of the bag can be customized to fit your needs. It makes organization and finding htisngs later a breeze! I have never seen anything like this and a I really like it!

  48. Julie Murphy

    I like the Ruston.

  49. Wendy Caddy

    I also like the Jude bag.

  50. Cheryl B

    I really love the way Collins bag looks!

  51. Chelsea M

    I also love the Jude bag. I love the size and the color.

  52. Tina W

    I like the Woodstock backpack.

  53. margaret peg m.

    The ‘Kate’ bag looks to be a winner but I believe it’s on backorder. Classy design!

  54. shannon fowler

    I love collins, of course its also sold out so a lot of women must like it too.

  55. Jenny Scheldberg

    The Augsuta would be a great bag because it’s just the right size for me. Not too large but big enough for all my essentials.

  56. Denise M

    I like the Woodstock backpack

  57. Mary Jacobowitz

    I love the Kate bag.

  58. Laura Collins

    I like Westminster Hobo

  59. Kaycee

    Let me start by saying that my wallet is not happy about discovery of these bags! I am over the moon for the bag you shared as well as the Libby!

  60. Fiona N

    I also love the Posey Pocket Bag
    Thank You for the chance

  61. Christina B.

    The Monroe bag is super cute. I love that I could use it for a big tote/bag for errands or detach the smaller bag for a more Purse friendly outing.

  62. Ashley C

    I love the Augusta bag. It is a beautiful bag and the perfect size!

  63. Peggy Johnson

    I love the Augusta bag!

  64. em

    i like the Oxford bag

  65. Anne Clemmer

    The Posy Pocket bag would make a great gift.

  66. rochelle haynes

    I like this Kelly Moore bag

  67. Arra Odeza

    I fell inlove with Riverdale Kelly Moore Bag. So chic and cute yet super handy

  68. renae goley

    I also like the Evangeline bag.

  69. Michelle Ward

    I like the Trenton leather Kelly Moore backpack.


    Love your designer specialty bags!

  71. Faye Gates

    I liked the Libby. Big tote with lots of pockets.

  72. Amy C.

    The Pilot Backpack would be awesome for my high school son!

  73. Kim W.

    I really like the Monroe, because I love the versatility!

    1. Raine

      I absolutely love the Collins in grey canvas with brown trim. It’s back ordered with no pending restock date but I hope it becomes available.

  74. Lisa Ann

    The Libby bag is my favorite, but I also like the Collins bag.

  75. Shannon

    I’d love to have the Jude bag.

  76. emily l

    I also love the Trenton Backpack! Hard to pick though, everything is beautifully made.

  77. Tara

    Evangeline is also a favorite of mine!

  78. Alexandru Rusu

    I like the Jude bag

  79. Kari

    I love all her bags! The Augusta bag in the Saddle color is another I would like to try.

  80. Denise Sachs

    I love the Kate bag.

  81. Kathy Hanley

    I like the Trenton Backpack for it’s style and size!

  82. Tara Liebing

    I really like the Kelly Moore Austin bag in Bone color.

  83. Jessica Small

    The brown Augusta bag is very cute

  84. Mary

    I love the way the Collins bag folds over! So cute and so versatile!

  85. carol clark

    Kelly Moore Bag i like stylish and trendy

  86. Rita A

    Woodstock Backpack is gorgeous!

  87. annette campbell

    I love the Augusta bag. It is the perfect size

  88. Tabathia B

    I love the jude, woodstock and the Evangeline bags

  89. Susan Christy

    I like the Westminster Hobo

  90. Rhonda W G.

    The Jude would be great for overnight trips…

  91. Angela Williams

    I love the black Westminster Hobo the best.

  92. Shirley

    I love the Evangeline bag!

  93. Cindy

    I like their Monroe (3 bags in 1) in black.

  94. Noreen

    Oxford is beautiful

  95. Emily Morelli

    I also like the Trenton Backpack. I am always looking for a classy way to carry stuff when I commute on my bike and this would be great!

  96. DJ

    I really like the Woodstock Backpack.

  97. Nikolina

    Riverdale is a gorgeous bag too!! 🙂

  98. darby

    I like the luna bag.

  99. laura g

    I love them all. I really like the Ruston in bone.

  100. Melanie G

    I really like the Luna bag! I think it looks classic in the Walnut hue.

  101. Tiffany S

    I also like the riverdale bag.

  102. jeanna

    I really like the Augusta bag!

  103. Carol

    I also love the Ruston bag

  104. Birdiebee

    I would love to own the Collins bag as it has everything I need.

  105. karen

    on the website i like the Augusta it’s a fun style.

  106. TARA darity

    I love the Libbey bag! Very nice selection!

  107. Theresa Clift

    I love the Libby bag in Orange, I too would use it as a travel bag

  108. Anita Duvall

    I like them all but the Jude is my favorite from Kelly Moore.

  109. Beth Mason

    I love the Jude. It looks like everything I want to carry would fit and I love the color and design. Thanks.

  110. Melanie Montgomery

    I like the Evangeline bag the mpst/

  111. Maria

    I like the Evangeline bag – so beautiful

  112. Candice

    I also like the Jude bag, because it looks big enough for all my stuff!

  113. Natalie F

    This would be a great bag for me. I love the Woodstock backpack and Luna bag. I would love to own either of them.

  114. polly

    Love the Trenton Backpack in black. Would get so much use of this bag!

  115. megan tilley

    I also really like the ruxton!

  116. misty lindsay

    I love the posey pocket bag.

  117. Patrícia Xará

    Loooove the Monroe!

  118. Susan Smith

    I love the Ruston in the Shadow. It’s a perfect size to use everyday.

  119. lori

    i like the jude bag

  120. DeAnna Keller

    I love the Collins bag.

  121. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I Also LOVE The Ruston Kelly Moore Bag!

  122. Sarah Hall

    I would love to have the Riverdale bag in red.

  123. Kristin

    I love the Westminster Hobo!

  124. missbobloblaw

    I’m loving the Kate Bag!

  125. karen d

    I like the Kate bag. Strap length and overall sizing, perfect!

  126. Jenna Hudson

    I think The Oxford bag is just lovely! I love how it has a compartment organizer.

  127. Seyma Shabbir

    I love the Woodstock Backpack!! This would be perfect for me, I love the colors!!

  128. M james

    Oh I really like the Trenton Backpack

  129. Juana Esparza

    I like the Oxford bag.

  130. Natalie

    I would love this bag, perfect for me. I also love the Westminster Hobo.

  131. Katie R

    I love the Austin bag. I always have liked clinch-tops.

  132. Melissa Storms

    Though the Libby bag is my favorite, I also really love the Oxford bag.

  133. Kelley Moore

    I love the LIbby bag it looks for functional for everyday use

  134. D, Paul

    I really like the Jude because of its size and the padded removable liners. This bag would be perfect for day trips, weekend trips, camera essentials, any kind of getaways!

  135. Sara Theissen

    I really like the Augusta bag!

  136. linda w.

    I love the Libby bag because it looks so roomy.

  137. heather e.g. kaufman

    I would like the Jude bag.

  138. Wendy Pogrant

    I like the Jude bag

  139. Julie Lundstrom

    I like the Ruston handbag.

  140. Candie L

    I like the Augusta bag. Thank you

  141. Amy C

    I like the Riverdale bag

  142. Heather B

    I would love to have the Libby bag.

    1. Heather B

      Or the Westminster Hobo!

  143. Jenn H

    I like the collins bag! simple and beautiful!

  144. Ashley C

    I like the Ruston bag


  145. Jenna O

    I love the Jude bag. It is my style 🙂

  146. Alona Y

    I also really like the Jude bag, it’s really stylish and functional.

  147. Shellie Clark

    the Jude bag

  148. Susan Chester

    I am crazy about the Trenton Backpack!

  149. Breanna Pollard

    I love the Augusta bag!

  150. Francine Anchondo

    I like the Westminster Hobo

  151. Sarah L

    I like the Augusta.
    Thanks for the contest.

  152. Judy Thomas

    I love the Evangeline bag, it is so roomy and gorgeous!

  153. michele soyer

    I really like the Collins bag.. it is so pretty and looks roomy also.

  154. Kimberly Hilbert

    Kelly Moore Bag
    In grey with brown is my favorite one. They all look pretty handy

  155. Krystal Waters

    I like the Westminster Hobo in Nappa Midnight.

  156. Christy Caldwell

    I really like so many…
    I’d pick the Trenton backpack as one of my favorites.

  157. Stacy

    I love the Riverdale, it is the perfect size for every day

  158. Andrea Troutman

    The Libby bag is my absolute favorite, I wish I could own one. I also love the Westminster Hobo and the Monroe bags.

  159. patricia skinner

    I also like the Jude bag.

  160. Michelle Robbins

    I like the Monroe bag. Perfect size for every day.

  161. Lorena Keech

    I like the Jude bag. Perfect size.

  162. Karen A.

    The Evangeline bag is really nice.

  163. Michelle H.

    I like the Evangeline bag.

  164. Sarah Lynch

    I love the Ruston bag in pink.

  165. Nora T

    I like the Westminster Hobo best, but it was a tough pick among such gorgeous baga.

  166. Angela Winesburg

    My favorite is the Ruston bag.

  167. Adriana

    I really like augusta. All the bags are gorgeous.

  168. Jenny Scheldberg

    The Riverdale design looks like a great bag for me.

  169. Deborah W.

    I love the Trenton Backpack.

  170. Jeanna Massman

    I like the Jude satchel in the charcoal color.

  171. MelodyJ

    I like the Evangeline bag.

  172. susan smoaks

    i love the trenton backpack. they are really nice.

  173. Nicole Ackerman

    Love the Riverdale bag – thanks for a great giveaway!

  174. Veronica L

    I would also love to have their Ruston bag, love these!

  175. Darlene Carbajal

    I like the Riverdale bag.

  176. Sonya Allstun

    I love the Riverdale bag!

  177. KellyPC

    I love the Monroe bag!

  178. Nadine s

    I like the Jude bag in particular.

  179. Audra O'Hara

    I also like the pilot backpack in the sand canvas/brown trim. So perfect for hiking in the mountains!

  180. Heather D

    I like the Jude in Grey and Black. It’s just my style and I love it.

  181. Lyndsey R.

    I absolutely love the Ruston bag in the Rose color. So elegant!

  182. Jammie

    Love the Westminster Hobo

  183. Tina

    I like Ruston bag

  184. cheryl s

    I like the ruston in rose

  185. Tara Woods

    I like the Kelly Moore Ruston Bag in the color shadow.

  186. crystal gibson

    I like the Ruston in rose. The bags are so spacious and organized.

  187. Lisa V.

    I also like the Pilot Backpack.

  188. Lena Burkut

    Trenton Backpack looks amazing

  189. Andrea Darst

    I am obsessed with the Woodstock Backpack!

  190. Jana Williams

    Thank You So Very Much for this Very Generous Giveaway, That Kelly Moore Bag is Just Gorgeous! I Have So Much Stuff and I Can Never Find a Bag that’s Big Enough but Also Fashionable! I Checked Out Their Website and I Love All of Their Bags Especially the Ruston Bag in Red or Bone! I Would Just Be Happy to Have a New Bag for Summer! Thanks Again for this Awesome Chance, Have a Blessed Day Jenn… and a Safe & Happy Summer Too! – Jana

  191. Jennifer J

    I really like the Jude bag. Thanks!!

  192. Stephanie Larison

    I really like the Trenton Backpack.

  193. shawna

    I like the ruston.

  194. Erica B.

    I like the Westminster Hobo.

  195. Aubrey

    I like the Ruston bag.

  196. AEKZ2

    I also love the Jude bag

  197. Ellie Wright

    I love the Woodstock Backpack!

  198. laurie murley

    I would love to have the Kate (Available Early-August) Kelly Moore Bag, so cute

  199. Kathleen S.

    I really like the Ruston bag. Looks like it could handle all of the many things I like to carry around. Thanks.

  200. Jessica M

    The Ruston is adorable and I love that it has plenty of space

  201. Nikki Hanna

    I really like the Augusta bag.

  202. Sherry S.

    I love the Trenton Backpack.

  203. Austin Baroudi

    Love the Austin bag in stone and bone.

  204. Michael Bratek

    I like Pilot Backpack, could really use one of these right now.

  205. rosemarie

    I really like the Woodstock backpack. Thanks for hosting!

  206. Krissy Higgins

    I can’t pick just one I love them all! The hobo and jade bags would be my top picks though.

  207. patty

    I love the pink of the Ruston bag

  208. Alisha Sienkiel

    I love the Evangeline bag too!

  209. nidhi chauhan

    I love the Ruston bag in rose.

  210. jules m.

    i love the Ruston
    Kelly Moore Bag in Rose 🙂

  211. Teresa

    The Libby bag is my absolute favorite but if I had to choose a second favorite, it would be the Jude bag.

  212. Melissa C

    I love the Late! It’s not available until early August but I like it!

  213. Shannon

    I also like the Ruston.

  214. Bailey Dexter

    Another great bag would be the Woodstock Backpack, love this one!

  215. Sam Stamp

    I love the Jude Bag!!

  216. Nicky O.

    I have the Woodstock backpack and absolutely love it!

  217. Kimberly Keithline

    I would love to have the Libby
    Kelly Moore Bag

  218. Michelle Macaluso

    I really love the Westminster Hobo. So cute!



  220. Karen

    The Kate is sold out, but it and the Libby are both on my wishlist. Our 20th Anniversary is next week, so MAYBE he ordered me one of them 😀

  221. Kasey Williams

    Love the Ruston, thanks for the chance!

  222. Laurie Emerson

    I am in love with the Angeline bag.

  223. Candace

    I also like the Woodstock backpack.

  224. Kyl Neusch

    Jude bag

  225. Sand

    I lilike the Westminster bag! its very stylish!

  226. Jerry Marquardt

    I like the Augusta the most of all of the Kelly Moore Bags.

  227. Laura

    I also like the Jude Kelly Moore Bag. Cute!

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