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Get Inspired: Tribal Prints Trending This Season


This season, tribal prints are all the rage with 2015 taking a contemporary approach, mixing old school patterns with new designs and colours. This year, fashion is all about making an impact and a statement wherever you go, and tribal prints will help you achieve this. Be inspired this season by what mainstream fashion has to offer with exciting new designs to compliment the intricate patterns of the tribal trend.

With the tribal designs coming in and out of fashion for many years, people all around the world have loved them. They always come back into fashion because they are fun and always make statement. Many relate tribal prints to the native African land and date back to hundreds of years where it was a custom rather than a trend. However, tribal prints also come from different parts of the world including the Indian Aztecs, tribes of the South American Amazon and the Vietnamese Hill Tribes, just to name a few.

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Oversized prints and strong colors are the way to go this season. Celebrities are also sporting this trend from high-end fashion designers. Whether you are looking for something for a casual or formal occasion, you will be sure to turn heads with the tribal trend.

High-end fashion designers including Gucci, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Michael Kors have all drawn from the inspiration and created a tribal collection for the runway. However, you do not have to shop in the high-end fashion stores to purchase your tribal print attire this season. There are many stores and online sites to purchase your statement apparel. Fashion designer Camilla has a range of collections, incorporating different tribal trends this season. Known for her bold colours and prints, her collection is filled with signature clothing designs and graphic prints that will allow you to make a statement.

Get Inspired: Tribal Prints Trending This Season

If you are not into printed clothing and you would prefer to go for a more conservative look, give your look some personality and texture with tribal accessories. Mimco’s latest collection incorporates a range of hybrid tribal prints that can accessorise anyone’s look. From bags, shoes, scarves and jewellery, tribal print accessories are also making a stand this season.

From earthy tones to bold tones, to Indian tribal prints to the land of Africa, there are so many wonderful ways you can incorporate the tribal trend this season. Get inspired with different designers and how celebrities are wearing their prints. Use this as inspiration and create your style with exotic and oversized prints along with bold colours the tribal trend has to offer. Always rock your look with confidence and you will make a statement wherever you go.

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