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Vejo Review: Making Healthy Smoothies in a Snap

Thanks to Vejo for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

It’s been super hot in New England this summer. The triple H days (hazy, hot and humid) are killing me. I crave cold smoothies all the time. Sure, I can blend them up at home, but sometimes I’m lazy and want one asap. Buying smoothies is also getting to be an expensive habit.

vejo review

Introducing the Vejo

I’m so glad I found out about the Vejo Portable Pod-Based Blender. You simply pop in a pod, mix and enjoy. Each pod is called a “blend.” They have so many delicious flavors, I want to try them all.

The Vejo blends are meant to be used daily to make your health and nutrition routines simpler. It’s so easy to fit into my busy life. I can put my Vejo in my purse, gym bag or travel bag. It fits perfectly in my car cupholder as well.

From low waste to no waste

I’m not typically a fan of pods because of the waste they produce, but the Vejo pods are made from corn and other biodegradable materials. Soon, they are coming out with a water soluble version. How cool is that?

My Vejo Review

Probably the best way to get started with Vejo is by ordering the starter pack. I tried the “Bestsellers” kit. This kit comes complete with everything you need to enjoy your Vejo, plus a variety pack consisting of their most popular blends (2 Matcha Latte, 2 Banana Almond, 2 Piña Greens, 2 Pacific Northwest Tart Berry). 

A fruit lover’s dream

The flavors are so yummy too. I’m a fruity gal so these are my other favorites. They each provide a great boost of vitamin C and other nutrients like potassium, natural enzymes and more.

  • Strawberry banana
  • Tropical
  • Piña Strawberry
  • Mixed Berry

Unlike many smoothies I get at local coffee shops, most Vejo smoothies come without added sugar. Many blends are sweetened only by their natural fruit ingredients. 

Tasty mix-in ideas

The blends can be mixed with water or your favorite dairy or non-dairy products. For example:

While I don’t typically use my Vejo blends as a meal replacement, (they range from 20 to 100 calories when blended with water), they make an excellent, nutrient-dense drink between meals.

They’re perfect for that mid-morning or 4 o’clock slump I tend to experience each day. I also love them after my workout and sometimes for a boost of energy to start out my day.

There’s Even a Vejo App

The Vejo app (available for iOS and Android) automatically connects you with your Vejo, allowing you to track your intake, re-order blends, learn about the ingredients, and set helpful reminders to take your blends.

Nutritional Support in the palm of your hand

There are so many more blends for a variety of nutrition needs. These include:

  • Immunity Fuel
  • Pre and Post Workout Supplements
  • Daily Recovery
  • Sleep Support
  • Stress Support
  • Matcha and Coffee Blends too

Vejo even partnered with Earthbar to bring you tasty blends that are ideal for after workouts or to bridge the gap between meals. These come in Vanilla Bean and Chocolate.

You Can Subscribe and Save

You can get a customizable monthly Vejo blend subscription by choosing your blends to get a balanced dose of daily nutrition. As a monthly subscriber, you also get the following benefits.

  •  Save up to 10%
  •  Free blends with every order
  •  Free US shipping
  •  Adjust, pause or cancel anytime

They can enhance my beauty? Sign me up!

I’m dying to try the Collagen Glow blend with ingredients that can delay the formation of wrinkles, strengthen hair and nails, and enhance your youthful glow from within. I totally need this in my life.

Try Vejo for yourself at

I hope you find my Vejo Review helpful. I wonder what flavor I’ll blend up today. What blend do you want to try most?

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