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Weight Loss Success Story – Dealing with your “Before” when you hit your “After.”

weight loss success story

Weight Loss Success Story by Dani Holmes-Kirk

Butterflies and Unicorns and Rainbows


Exactly how I envisioned life after hitting my “goal weight”!! But that wasn’t reality. Shocking I know. 😉

I’ve written on my blog (Weight Off My Shoulders) how the day after hitting goal the inner demons I fought for so long were still there. Except now they weren’t buried under all the weight. They were right in front of me, raw and ready to be dealt with.

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For years, I told myself: “If you just lost 50 lbs you would be so happy and life would be okay.” And I remember having that EXACT same discussion with my aunt when I was 12. I remember riding in her car after we left the mall and saying to her: “I need to lose 50 lbs.” Okay so apparently the number 50 was relevant or I just pulled it out of my ass – I’m not sure which.

But over and over I said once I lost the weight I would like myself. I would be happy. I would be able to release the thoughts of hurting myself and the depression would go away.

In 2006, I hit the bottom of dealing with two eating disorders and cutting. I had found a way to “control” my weight and my emotions. I got to my lowest weight in the beginning of 2007 (at the time around 180) and thought everything was okay!



But after an intervention of sorts with friends, I stopped the cutting and tried to take a handle on the eating disorders, which led me to regain almost all the weight I had lost.

Reenter depression.

So I joined Weight Watchers in November 2009 and was ready to lose the weight in a healthy way.


And damn those WW people for not only helping me get a handle on the healthy eating aspect of weight loss, but for showing me that it is more of a mental game than anything. You have the change your thinking in order to make the weight stay off.

Sneaky WW very sneaky.

So through the journey, the confidence rose, the happiness level with myself increased, but at the core of it all I still OWNED negative self talk.

I will say that thankfully the suicidal thoughts deteriorated over the course of time. THAT in itself is a huge F-in win!! I had those thoughts since high school.

But as I hit goal on January 2012 and Lifetime in February 2012. The little voice in my head was still there. You aren’t worthy of this new life – this new you. You still suck.


So it was at that point. As I become the “after” that it was time to dig through all the emotional gunk to truly find out how I let myself get to that miserable 230 lb person.

And that is the journey I am on now. There is no quick fix to find out what was at the core of the pain, but as long as I keep searching I will find answers.

For many of us, the true work of reaching goal is when the mental game catches up with the physical.

That is why I put more stock into the non-scale victories than the number on the scale itself. Because when I read 15X on the scale, I am thrilled, but now I know I didn’t solve all my life’s problems by losing XX lbs. I will solve life problems by looking inward and truly facing what is going on.

Depression … cutting … self-loathing. None of that is fun, but I need to face it if I want to beat it.

Many people can go to therapy and work through these issues with a third party. It isn’t for me. I tried it and hated it. But for some reason sharing those same inner demons on this blog, I find that release. I find that the weight gets lifted off my shoulders.

So I continue to journey.

I continue to tackle with my “before” as I live in my “after”!


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  1. I loved reading about Dani’s experience. Thanks for taking the time to provide us all with the true insight of any issue we are dealing with. Be it weight loss/gain or other inner demons. No matter what the struggle is, you need to face it head on to get past it.

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