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What Your Favorite Flowers Say about You!


Your favorite flowers say a lot about you. Flowers are a wonderful way to express yourself. Whether you use them to decorate your home or give them as a gift, they can reveal a lot about your personality and style. The flowers you are attracted to are often an extension of your personality. It might seem hard to believe, but it’s amazing at what your favorite flowers can say about you.

What Your Favorite Flowers Say about You!

Are you a fan of roses? You’re probably a romantic. Do you love tulips? You’re most likely a sensitive soul. May daises are more your style. Well, then, you’re probably very outgoing. I’ve compared my friends and their favorite flowers to this list, and it’s amazingly accurate. So let’s see what your favorite flowers say about you. 


Roses have long been recognized as a flower that represents romance. If you are a lover of roses, you appreciate the traditional style. You tend to be a perfectionist, but you also like to bring out the best in other people. In relationships, you want them to be meaningful with a strong connection.

The color of roses also has meaning. Red roses symbolize unconscious beauty. Pink roses are the mark of grace, happiness, and gentleness. Yellow roses mark new beginnings, joy, and friendship. Orange roses represent desire and enthusiasm. Coral roses are for friendship, modesty, and empathy. Lavender roses are representative of love at first sight.

I am a lover of roses myself. I can’t believe how close this one represents my personality. How about you?


If lilies are one of your favorite flowers, you’re probably a caring person. Lily fans are thought to be very nurturing. They focus on the care of their loved ones. Lily lovers also take pride in their appearance and personal achievements. Their friends come to you for advice and respect your opinions. Lilies are also synonymous with purity, although their meaning can change with their color and type.

White lilies, for example, are the hallmark of modesty and virginity. Yellow lilies symbolize cheerfulness. Orange lilies are for passion. Calla lilies, especially white Calla lilies, are symbols of beauty, purity, and innocence. This is why they are often chosen for weddings. Lilies of the valley symbolize a pure, sweet spirit.


Daises are on almost everyone’s list of favorite flowers, and it’s easy to see why. The word “daisy” comes from an Old English word meaning “day’s eye”, and what they represent perfectly ties into that. Daisy lovers are positive and full of energy. It’s difficult to bring down their happy mood. They tend to be warm, friendly and often the life of the party. They are very loyal friends no matter what.


Tulip loyalists are sensitive and sweet. They are very thoughtful and show love and warmth easily toward friends and family. A tulip lover can brighten other’s day with their smile. They wake up ready to have a positive day. Tulips themselves also have different meanings depending upon their color.

Red tulips are widely considered a way to declare one’s love. Yellow tulips mean a person has sunshine in their smile. Purple tulips are the symbol of royalty. White tulips represent worthiness and forgiveness. Variegated tulips are representative of beautiful eyes.


Orchids are the symbol of exotic beauty, refinement, and thoughtfulness. People whose favorite flowers are orchids tend to have an aura of mystery around them. They keep a tight circle of friends and don’t tend to gossip or share secrets. First impressions are important to them, but they are not quick to judge others. Other people will often be surprised by their personality once they get to know them better.


Iris lovers tend to be adventure seekers. They don’t like to wake up to days that feel mundane and hum-drum. They like to meditate but can also go skydiving at the drop of a hat. If you want to be inspired to be more adventurous, find someone who loves irises.

As with many other flowers on this list, the color of the iris is also symbolic. The purple iris has long been associated with royalty, however, it also conveys a message of wisdom, respect, and compliments. Blue irises symbolize hope and faith. Yello irises mean passion. White irises are for purity and innocence.


Lilac lovers are lovers of nostalgia. They love to revisit the good times of their past. Whether flipping through old photos, exploring antique shops, or watching old movies, lilac lovers are enamored with the good parts of the past, and they love to bring modern twists to old favorites.

Lilacs symbolize the innocence and joy of youth. Like many of the other favorite flowers on this list, their meaning also varies based on color. Purple lilacs are the hallmark of first love. White lilacs are a sign of humility and innocence.


If the daffodil is one of your favorite flowers, you’re probably very outgoing. Daffodil lovers tend to put their friends and family first, and they love to bring everyone together. Events and parties are always in the cards for daffodil lovers, and their style is often fun and laid back.


If you love sunflowers, you are definitely NOT a wallflower. Sunflower lovers are all about making new friends. They thrive around people and love to be in the center of the action. This makes sense considering that sunflowers represent adoration, dedication, and pure thoughts. This stems from the fact that these flowers turn to face the sun, the sun, in this case, being loved ones.


Peonies as favorite flowers signify that you are a positive person, always looking ahead and to the future. Peonie lovers are thoughtful and empathetic towards others and often have a bright, elegant style that is bold but not overly much.

Peonies are an interesting flower because they have so many different connotations. For example, peonies are the symbol of bashfulness, compassion, indignation, shame, a happy life, good health, a happy marriage, AND prosperity. This is a flower whose meaning runs the gamut.


Carnation lovers may have many moods, but in the end, they always remain down to earth. A carnation lover always remains grounded in the here and now.

Like many of the other favorite flowers here, the meaning of carnations changes based on their color. Red is for love, pride, and admiration. Pink symbolizes the love of a woman or mother. Purple is for a capricious nature (meaning sudden changes in mood). Yellow symbolizes disdain and rejection. White is symbolic of innocence and pure love. Striped carnations represent refusal.


Poppy lovers are bold. They’re fun, quirky, and creative, and they’re not afraid to try new trends that others might shy away from. They make the most of every moment and aren’t afraid of new things.

The two most common meanings of poppies based on color are red and yellow. Red symbolizes consolation for a loss. Yellow poppies represent wealth and success.


Zinnias are unique, colorful flowers that come in a multitude of colors and petals styles. They’re closely related to daisies and are widely held to be the symbol of absent friends. If zinnias are one of your favorite flowers, you are probably intensely passionate. Your heart is always on your sleeve, and that can sometimes end up with you getting caught in the past.

Your Favorite Flowers are an Extension of You

As you can see, flowers say a lot about a person. Even if you never knew anything about flowers and their meanings, I’ll bet you discovered that your favorite flowers, the ones you often find yourself gravitating towards when you buy bouquets or plants for your flower beds, reflect your personality more than you thought! I find it amazing how much flowers reflect who we are. The science, or spirituality, behind it eludes me, but I must say it’s quite on point. So what did your favorite flowers say about you?

There are so many other flowers to love. Which are your favorites?

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Thursday 3rd of March 2022

I love marigolds and aluminum flowers the best. I haven’t found a site that has them yet though but I’ll keep looking!


Tuesday 31st of March 2020

My favorite flower is hibiscus.

Jen R

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy.

Sara Tarver

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

My favorite flowers are roses

Katie Bellamy

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

My favorite flowers are gladiolas!

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